They Said it was Hard.

Even Batman can’t swoop in to save us from toe-stubbing blunders in the market.  We remain perfectly free when in search of good things to charge naked into heavy traffic waving a flashlight.  No one does that, probably, yet.  Yet placing bets on the market without knowing the rules of the road is little different.  We can learn to see and swoop like condors ourselves.  They told us it was hard.  Runnin’ your money well is doable.  Market research is hard work, but it’s just work anyone motivated can do.

So what?  Here’s what: learning just a few tools, like the P/E ratio, we can incredibly transform ourselves into savvy market players.  Yeah, truly.  We at StockJaw say…

“20 firmly-learned concepts will put you in the top  10% of individual investors.”

Yeah, we get it.  It’s a strong statement.  Doubters pound sand.  Insanely good investing is routinely done by individuals every single day.  They don’t advertise, like Edward Jones, so we don’t hear about them.  What sets them apart?  They have been, and continue to, learn.  Investing can and is taken to insane levels of complexity–quants, and Long Term Capital Management, and etn’s running blitzing trading programs, and so forth.  These all matter, yet we also matter.

StockJaw contends, you can create your own stunning mastery of your investing, by the concerting of a relatively few concepts, habits, sources, and tools.

We firmly feel concepts including first the Price-to-earnings multiple, the PEG ratio, revenue, and EPS or “earnings per share, aren’t that tough.  These tools and many more  are within reach, without exception.  That’s really all there is to that.  StockJaw.


Dollars Are Employees. We Make Them Work. Slack Dollars Reborn Busy. STOCKjAW helps You make the dollars you worked for work back. Do it simple and streamlined. Or do it Full-Bore. Stocks, ETFs, and more. It's Your cash. Sj helps you point it in the correct direction.

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