Own any healthcare?  Want Some?

Politics is better than war.  But sector-wide political risk means think thrice before buying.

“To cover me–or not.”  No, “To recover me–or not.”  Health care remains unresolved.  Do you own a hospital chain, a supplier, a pharmacy benefits manager, or yes, still, a drug stock?  The future of all these remain firmly and deeply in the mix.  What happened?  That’s right–politics.  But that isn’t the question.  The stinky question is “why.”

What does one conclude when a single party owns every branch of government and yet bicker like bloodied thieves?  One concludes to look to the NBA for team work.

When intelligent, empowered, normal people, want something–anything–they devise a way.   They design, beta-test, fine-tune.  Osama Bin Laden planned five years in advance.  The GOP had seven.  Yet following seven years of  non-stop “repeal and replace” from the GOP, it still showed up on prime time with a patch and paste plan that even they couldn’t support.  Does Amazon act like that?

That’s like being a dominant number one overall NBA pick and showing up drunk on draft night.

Of course the GOP is in schism, yet isn’t leading and legislating through coalition building what politics is all about?  Regardless of one’s party affiliation, one is left agog by performances such as this.  So, where are we?  Your healthcare stocks, terms of personal healthcare access, and the exact magnitude of costs dangling directly over your head, are in the hands of a group who act like FNGs.  That’s the takeaway.  Your stocks are hostages.

The future of care is being dealt out like a hand of cards.  How else can it be done?

Seven years of a pitted  “Obama Care” road proved so vile to these guys that they gathered their powers, pow-wowed, bellowed like chained water buffaloes, and produced nothing.  Is that professional?  The NFL does not operate like that.  If you show up with a bag full of nothing, they take your helmet.

Politics remains a very tough nut by nature.  It’s dreary, then unpleasant.  No one truly knows where it ends.  Hold on to your healthcare inner-tube.




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