Who isn’t occasionally taken by those sumptuous private inner spaces amid bumpin cafe foot traffic?  It’s Harvard Square, dusk, or the bullet-blue of Montagna skies.  It’s your inner door.  Ride the train?  Perhaps that’s your place.  Moods matter.  So does thinking.  Where do you find your best thinking?  Find your happy thinking space and use it luxuriously.  There’re your moments.


What you discover bobbing within your driftwood thoughts, may just keep your cup frothy and your happy space fine.  How hard is that?

Vision leads creation.  Yet vision often emerges not from thin air, but a soup of down time drift-thought.  Discover your vision floating free inside your happy quiet space.  If you already have one get another–happy space or vision.

Do you read about food?  Is avocado toast your favorite brunch item?Travel?  Are you an equity investor roaming Paris side streets this summer?  People read food and buy stocks.  People fling themselves to each corner of the globe.  What we enjoy in our day can guide our way in the search for investing ideas.  Truly.



Our happy place is our energy space.  Use that energy.

Travel interest did you say?  Expedia and Priceline have been outstanding growth stocks.  Both will continue.  They are not done, nor is the industry.  The stock market now sports 11 sectors, after recently adding Real Estate.  Hidden within each are a multitude of industries, within which lie “sub-industries.  Hundreds of sub-industries under-gird our economy.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of stocks?  All at StockJaw have.

Let your interests guide your search.  Think about possibly buying the stocks of companies that interest you particularly.  Let your interest flow to your knowledge.



Love cruising?  Look at Carnival Cruise Lines, or Disney.

Often our very best thinking comes through our happy or calm spaces. Is your a murmuring cafe, or an evening walk along an alley in Asia?




“What a difference a day makes, and the difference is you.”  Ever heard that one?


Every moment we’re exposed to millions of ideas.  Business is humongously represented in some way in most of the new and cool, or interesting.  Sift those intersections of your personal interests and the companies and industries that create them.

If you’ve seen “The Pirates of Coax,” on this very website, you no doubt surmised that media and entertainment are huge interests here at StockJaw.  We love these two incredibly dynamic spaces.  So many of our personal likes reside within–such as movies/TV, sports, video gaming, business news, etc.  With interests such as these many people may find the media industry more intriquing to investigate.  Thus, there it is.




Let the bubbly cove of your happy space brew your investment thinking.  Create your own harbor of such fabulous moments.  Listen to your loves and look.  Find what moves you most and learn more.  It’s so easy, when your energy’s naturally fueling the ride.  Mind the driftwood.





Images sourced from Pixabay.

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