We clearly struck a chord in our June 16th piece “Your Happy Space.” We ‘re thrilled.   We muse about that special place, your special place and finding it now.  We’re hearing from readers who are saying a rousing “Yes.  Good things do happen when you find your happy space.”





For us the first giant gift of our happy space is the luxury of peace.  A deeply familiar or new to you space can release a freedom of thought so refreshing.  An appetizer, the daily special, a bubbly chatter–what’s not to love?  Sorry, we love some sentence fragments–it’s a sign of the times, not a literary erosion.  Indulge your thinking.  Free it wild like bubbles streaming to the surface.  Reflecting and a place to do it seem fundamental to us.  That’s why we will continue to write about it.  See you there, cheers…






Images sourced from Pixabay.


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