Single Best Move to Build More Future.

Delight yourself, now and later.



Is retirement still a real choice?  Is that the old retirement or the “new retirement?”  Not retiring is the new retirement.  It’s usually called part-time.  What’s your vision?  Find it.  The new and squeaky-clear reality is that retirement is all up to the individual.  New retirement means shoved out the yawning rear of a roaring C 130 transport plane “up to the individual.”



But we can help, right this minute.  Right now is good, and so is simple.  Change your future by making one simple move.  One single move by you will guarantee your brighter future.  There’s a huge built-in bonus.  Turn off permanently the worry machine.  Do it–you win.  Grab the vision.  Grab the star.




 Grab your vision.


Survey after survey relates the very same  retirement planning saga.  People do not plan–that’s the real retirement plan.  Zero planning translates into zero retiring.  Or, they plan and fall out mere months later.  How else could it be?  Running retirement calculations seems mostly to frighten, pressurize, and discourage.  Most anyone willing to consider their future recognizes that they are not on any schedule for retirement.  Planning calculators seem akin to blood pressure cuffs.  We all know before ramming an arm in roughly what the reading will suggest.




Find inspiration for your cash future.  Build from where you are.  Find our builder move below.


Real people ignore retirement planning because it’s frightening, complicated, and the concepts alien.  Behind these circles a sense of hopelessness.  Can anyone meet the extensive demands of any complicated long-term plan?  That’s when many seek “help.”



 For those 35 or older, a laugh will result upon any statement concerning the $100 bucks a month  plan.  Half of those laughing have tried the common idea and fallen out.  All who laugh fail to fully grasp the power of time.  It’s canned “compounding.”  Usually people hear of it first when it’s being leveraged against them.



Any retirement thinking or planning worth your time will embolden and activate.  We find ourselves most effective and engaged when building, rather then attempting to remedy or save.  Glass-half-full thinking always beasts its reverse.  Semantics aside, working the positive side motivates.  Armed with builder’s attitude, check your options.  Here’s a great core investment for all.  Results are guaranteed.  Set your own number.  Adjust if necessary, but then stick it.



The single best move to brighten your future; stick a C Note into an S&P 500 index fund every month.  Hold the passive fund inside an IRA.  Pick the auto-invest option.  Every brokerage offers this hands-off direct feature.  Schwab doesn’t even charge for buying/selling fund shares.


Add $100.00 into an S&P 500 index fund inside an IRA account every month.  You benefits will include peace of mind.  You’re taking action.  For you it may be $500.00.  It your peace of mind worth that?  Your benefits will also include more money, more than if you didn’t invest.  Your hard-earned C note will grow in one of the fastest passive investments ever.  Worry and fear can not resist consistent concrete action.


Real people do retire, increasingly into a vision of their own.  We’re tending vines.  They thrive when we love them.  Over time they love us back.





Images sourced from Pixabay.

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