What to Say when discovered naked.


We meet our contact in a hotel parking garage on a spit of sand jutting into the Caribbean Ocean.  StockJaw Summer, reporter at large–Cancun.


“Get used to it–people get naked.”  Laughter.  “Now more than ever,”  More laughter.  Sometimes they get caught.  Yes.  Yet, who cares, when you own more of your own future?  Isn’t that the real point?


 A recent study concluded that women make better investors.  What specifically did the study suggest?  Women often display superior discipline, greater patience, and attention to detail.  That’s a power combo baby.  The revenge of the underpaid emerges in the form of greater investing returns, fewer mistakes, and minimal trading costs.  These women understand.  So can you.




Avenue Kulkulkan runs at high speed and the full length of the Island we know as Cancun.



Cancun Mexico remains an American favorite.  Avenue Kulkulkan booms with taxis, buses, and everything else it takes to run a world-class destination.  Summer is high season for Cancun.  Some say it’s crowded, over-developed, bastardized by such players as The Hard Rock and McDonald’s.  O.K.  Don’t go then.  Like the ocean and true sugar-sand?  Then you should go.  StockJaw is there and reporting back.



Resort living on the Mexican Caribbean.


 Discovering Americans in Cancun is no accident.  Stockjaw sits down on the oceans’s edge to sift the sentiment of the random retail investor.  What did we learn?  They believe, and are acting on their belief.

 Kayla, Jill, and Jerry, are all in their mid 40’s and all from the east coast.  Their comfort with each other is obvious.  Cancun isn’t the only trip the women intend to take together.

“We met at the gym and things went from there.”  Kayla comfortably reclines in thought.  Jill and Jerry smile amid their personal recollections.  “Miss that gym,” Jerry muses.  She  stirring tea, and then adds.  “We are lucky to be able to work together.  It can be hard when money is involved.  But then none of us was doing well before we joined forces.”




“Banding together to share the research speeds the process up.  Three heads are better than one.”



“The notion of pooling resources and buying stocks came up one night at a dinner out. We had nothing to lose really.”  Jill jumps in.  “This was shortly following the big market decline–’09.  I lost my home in the decline and was thus forced to rebuild my life and financial base.  That’s when we began the club–a guess you’d call it an investing club.”


“My mortgage was upside down and working with the bank was maddening, until I finally gave up and stopped paying.  The bank wanted to work it out after I stopped sending them money.  But it was over.  I never sent another dime.  The bank had made no genuine attempt to help, thus I finally accepted that reality.  They always intended to foreclose–I think.”


“We made a decision one day to just start learning how it works, and then buying small stock positions.  Wow–we’ve really come a long way–if I don’t say myself.”  Jill.


“We worked harder than you can believe,” Kayla says.  “In the beginning we bought broad market ETF’s.  We added money in a the dollar-cost-averaging way every month.  And then we diversified from broad-market ETF’s to individual stocks.  We’re thrilled with our results.”


 “Soon we realized we were on to something really meaningful to our lives. We learned we really could improve our financial position.  Before long we began to see our own financial agency.  The more we learned, the more authoritative we felt.  It’s great,” Jerry adds.  “Maybe others will learn from our example.”


“And then we focused on growth stocks like Google, Facebook, Expedia.  In a couple of years we decided to take some hard-earned gains.  We decided to come here for a week to celebrate.”


Kayla leans forward suddenly in the plush chaise lounge.  “Vision is the key.  I mean, you have to believe you can do it, and once you do, you can.”

“Yes–that was it,” Jill confirms.  “I kind-of just thought stocks and the stock market were just something that other people did–for some obscure reason or another.”

“Um–you hear about the market on the news daily,” Jerry says.  “Yet it only became a real deal once we all stopped and talked, thought, and imagined ourselves doing it.  Well that changed everything and we set off.”  “We’re in now,” Jill adds.




Regardless of the question, the answer remains “We have more Amazon than you.”


 Juan, of the hotel security assured me that nakedness on the beach at night was common.  “Yes yes–right here,” and the flashlight again.  We stroll further along the dark beach as the ocean rumbles in audible layer  “I’m out here almost every night.  Naked?  Mostly guests do that,” Juan waves.





Beach Patrol.



“What you say when discovered naked on the beach; “This isn’t my room?” then sway about a bit.  Or “I have more Amazon then you do.”  Or, just prior to being arrested, break for the waterline and shake your arms repeating “Pubic beach.”  The important part is to claim your vision, and actually own more AMZN, or FB, or GOOG, GOOGL..

So there it sits.  All it takes is the vision, and the willingness to make it your own.  Increasing what you have by investing in market leaders, can lead to more, much more, and maybe even some brief nakedness on the ocean’s edge.  Ask the ladies, this fall in Aspen yo.




Images sourced from Pixabay.


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