Couch Chat News.



Data and information are what we live on.  It all comes through “channels,” and it’s never alone.  If it’s not trackers it’s spin.

News is information.  It comes through channels, and is shaped in the process.



How much of our subjective experience of anything, markets, the economy, current events, is shaped through our personal world view?  We at StockJaw have begun wondering about perception-coloring filters.  We have perspectives, and values.  So does every media outlet.  What are we left with following the latest dose from the media pump?



Is this new?  Are we best served by FB’s “New feed?”  Does it tell us what’s important?



Our new IV-media heads hum with some mad new vibrancy, the chaos of mixed truth and trash, fact and dog shit.  Yeah, that’s how we roll in America.

We dance through political farce amid neck-jerking media polarity.   America’s led from the top by a president who fully understands the power of media.  He coos hypnotic monologues and follows that with a set of very busy thumbs.  The president adores media and speaks directly to all with those thumbs.  He  Twitter-hurdles the press, posting his message instantly, unmangled or filtered.  Why not?  As president doesn’t he deserve the right to connect directly?




But so what?  Do we believe  what comes over the president’s Twitter feed?

Our packaged media shambles on.  It brings both choad and what we might want to know.  It’s large.  It’s a sprawl of endless political campfires all burning in the night.  What is it conveying, as well as saying?  What is it saying about us?  No simple facts exist in this churning complexity.  It’s pure cultural jungle.



How about this?  The law exists to protect private property.  The military exists to protect the law.  The government exists to control both the military, and the people.  The media is an end upto itself, living mostly to serve itself.  Is that cynical?




 Opinion News, advocacy journalism, and the Politics of Outrage. Is this how it’s supposed to be?




That cheery welcoming 24-Hour glow of our media.



Do we believe the Democratic National Committee is a group of clueless tone-deaf  geriatrics?  Back to attitudes.  Is that cynical?  Of one might suggest Paul Ryan possesses the ethics of a pop machine.  Regardless of what you load in, he spits it back with relish and luminosity.  Is that cynical?




Can we take any “news outlet” seriously when it openly panders to specific religious believers?  FOX News.  Did we subscrip to a 24-hour Clinton campain media outlet?  CNN.  Do we want the weightiest issues facing America handled in a chatty couch emotion primed manner?  Do we like sherbet-colored body dresses and high-heels?




Gender-sensitive political news processing plant.



 Did America’s women ask to see nightclub wear on the news?  Hardly.  Is it elite’s who suspect women and America deserve better?



Attitudes often create expectation.  Piled-up expectation leads to blindness.  Blindness in the investing world is expensive.  As investors we inhibit a financial news cycle, as well as a national, and international news streams.  Opinions form and attitudes emerge to meld into worldviews, or nation views.  Are these wider contextual views our hothouse within which we construct our investing perspectives?


   Precisely how many ad campaigns and election cycles must we suffer prior to accepting the truth.  nearly every video, broadcast, webpage, sentence,or image, we encounter, is a sales pitch.




People both create and consume media.  We also influence its’ form.  Back in the late ’80’s Dan Rather, then of CBS News, revealed opely what had long been known.  “The nightly news is a studied formula.”



“The nightly news is a formula.  Audiences will not watch more then one, or two, international stories.  And each broadcast needs a fluff piece.”–Dan Rather, CBS News.




Our cultural view of our news and its’ manner of conveyance, are direct products of our wider personal views.  Negative attitudes concerning media abound.  So what?  Many deserve criticism.  Negative attitudes about the United States exist, and many of those are held by Americans.  Upon what expectations are such criticisms based?





Images sourced from Pixabay.

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