Pay Yourself First. You Can. No One Else Will.


what happens when you pay yourself first?

You get paid.

And that means it’s all over but the fusing.


Paying yourself first is, first, in our fundamentals.


What happens when you pay yourself first, twice in a row?  You get paid twice.  You also begin to recognize that it was always your money.

And we don’t mean pay yourself first and then set it on fire.


Money                           simply tumbles from the sky directly on to the heads of the haves.  The have-nots are simply on the wrong square.  It’s all luck.  Oops–bullshit.



For us, the  accumulation of assets is not the point of life.  Living, loving, learning, are.  Yet try living without.  If a vow of poverty fits the bill–do that.  If you have more than you need, great–no worries.  Most people do not.  But decide for yourself.  One single move could change your life.  It changed ours and here it is.  Pay yourself first.  You worked for it.  If you do, you’ll burst with glee.



True poverty is not having any options.  Equally devastating is the belief that we have no options.  Wealth comes in many forms but the one everyone demands on a daily basis comes in cash.  Most people get some on a regular basis.  What happens next determines much of the quality of our lives.


Shanghai.  The most ferocious savers in the world.  Guess where they’re going?  Up.  


The wealthy are different.  So are the soon to be wealthy.  Yes–of course.  But it’s not genetic.  It’s behavioral.  No real wall of secrecy surrounds the moneyed.  The wealthy are not standing between you and more.  You are.



Thinking differently forms new options.  The truly wealthy do not think like average people.  They view bills as an intrusion.  Claims on their money rank as a distant second to paying themselves.  If necessary, bills will wait until after they have taken their rightful cut off the top.  Gangsters and mobsters operate in much the same manner.  The line between can be blurry.



Vows of poverty appeal to some.  Ask Martin Luther what he believed, after visiting the Vatican.


“Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps” almost got it right.  Our most valuable resource?  “Time” says Gordon.  No.  Time+energy.



Gordon’s right in the critical sense of “the power of compounding.”  The simplest graph proves slack-jaw power of compounded contributions and capital gains over time.  We can benefit as long as we possess the energy to make it happen.


As simplistic as it sounds, saving then investing $100 a month for decades will produce very serious money.  But it’s on you.

In the final analysis the answer remains the same.  We and only we can save us.  We and only we can change us.  So is there anything worth changing for?  For nearly everyone the answer is yes.  Most of them would prefer to have more.  The road to “retirement” has radically changed.  Pensions in the private sector don’t really exist for most workers.  Those are reserved, by the moneyed, to the executive level.  Most workers are now on their own.




 It’s on the individual to find and make their future.  We can help.



The new blizzard of “tax reform plans” includes a rule to cap 401K contributions to $2500.00.  Trump, the friend of the working person, is all behind this future-crushing notion.



It’s basic blocking and tackling.  Contrary its’ rhetoric, the current administration has taken hostile positions toward the overwhelming majority of employed Americans.  No?  Just look at yesterday’s headline.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being dismantled.  The CFPB has already returned tens of millions of dollars to consumers–a part of which resulted from fines levied against the full-bore criminal bank Wells Fargo.  That bank’s always got a new program.


Savor our latest take on the pool-party antics of Wells Fargo.  Fraud and fun for everyone.


“Wells Fargo.  Fraud Factory.”

“Could Wells Fargo win a popularity contest,

against say, the Taliban?”



Wells Fargo; A whole new level of banking ethics.  Meeting the needs of the customer.


As hideous as the current 401K plan is, it yet provides a means of building reserves.  The fees are criminal,  the investment choices abysmal, yet their tax-deferred status is big.  When used properly, the 401K is one important tool.  For example, one can contribute up to the level where matching employer contributions cease.  That’s a 100% gain for doing nothing.  How is that bad?  Once that’s fully funded, max out your annual  IRA contributions.  These moves alone will not nestle you snugly into a house in Malibu, but it guarantees more than you would have–for sure.


Open an IRA now.  If you have one fund it fully, every year.  It’s your money–or it will be if you protect it.  Or let congress have it to pay off their sexual harassment suits, or pay their own lifetime pension just for being in congress.



Fact:  6 out of 10 Americans will tell you they have no “extra” money to invest.  Really?  Yes–they will say this, and no it’s not always true.  In reality Americans simply spend.  The more people make the more they feel they need.  Lifestyle is yet another addiction.  Ask anyone who’s moved up in salery a few times.



We believe you can create a new far stronger financial position.  How?  Pay yourself first.


baby-84626_1920Checking my positions yo.  Investing my allowance for a scrumptious future.



The concept is simple.  The habit can be set.  You will be paid.  Two easy ways exist to do so.

1.  Automatic deduction/contribution.  “Disappear” a set contribution automatically every single month–hands-off.  It’s simple and guaranteed.  Every brokerage such as Charles Schwab or Fidelity offer an auto-contribute feature.  Sign-up and select a monthly amount.

2.  Active payment.  Simply select an amount you can live with and actively take it off the top of every form of income.  We like active.  When actively seizing a set self-payment each period, you clearly see it’s growth. sends our deepest respect and gratitude to the person who taught us this incredible life-transforming truth;

Thanks Fitz.  You’ll always be our money man.




Images sourced from Pixabay. is simply amazing–a sprawling compendium of joy.  Thank you Pixabay.  If you also know love and use Pixabays’ lavish resource, please take time to donate to them at  We do, truly.


Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.

Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.


Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams away.



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3 thoughts on “Pay Yourself First. You Can. No One Else Will.

  1. I’m speechless. Thank you for the greatest complement of my life. Bar none. I credit my father for instilling this message in my mind. I am exceedingly proud of for paying forward this wisdom to those who will listen.

    “He who has the gold makes the rules”


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