You know you’re rolling when:

You enjoy saving and investing as much or more then spending.

You spend as much time, or more, sculpting your saving and investing ideas, rather than buying  things.

When you convert everything into % and measure.

When you see, and feel, the difference for you.


The only people saying that “money doesn’t matter” are those in need of it.


StockJaw gets out the glass cleaner to finish the job we began with

“Pay Yourself First.”

“The Moneyed Make Others Wait.

That’s How they Roll.  So Can You.”

Savor all the giggling fun.  Then, stroll coolly to the front of the cash line.


It’s time to own this concept completely.  Make it your–glee, your tickle.  Now we make “paying yourself first” Yours.  Make this dynamic work for you.  Who couldn’t use a financial elf?  Your thinking changes when you own this concept, not simply hear it.  Below we explain the magic, and what to look for in yourself, as you set this money magic into action in your life. 




What happens when you pay yourself first?

You get paid.

And that means it’s all over but the fusing.

What happens when you pay yourself first, twice in a row?  You get paid twice.  You also begin to recognize that it was always your money.  Same goes when you pay yourself now.  You get paid, every time you do it.

And we don’t mean pay yourself first and then set it on fire.

Concepts               can be like Jupiter and Neptune–gas giants with no real mantle or crust.  Attempts to capture can be messy.  Time to clean the glass.




StockJaw goes for a look.  “Keep looking–one of these offices has to be Jamie Dimon’s”



 Any gain we can make with our financial assets is a win, and more breathing room.  Options are good.  Degrees of ndependence are to be celebrated..  Spending everything we earn of course is a treadmill existence, regardless the level of income.  Saving and investing systematically ranks as the only way to escape the treadmill.  At least two of the following will occur when one saves and invests:

1.  Assets rise, a sense of treadmill pressure can ease.  Less immediate need creates comfort.

2.  More options will materialize.  As assets increase, so do our options.

3.  As your resources grow, your view of your financial position will change.  more options will become apparent.  Empowerment shifts our view of the possible.

4.  Leave the treadmill behind.  Few believe it.  That’s why so few accomplish it.  But some people–over years–simply create financial independence.  The point is to take action.  J. K. Rowling took action, and keeps taking action.  it worked.  It’s working for others too.




Saving and investing  some of what we work for can slow, or stop, a treadmill money life.  Move right on up to the next level of Savvy.  We are.




Dollars are individuals not clones.  You only get to own a specific dollar once.  What you do with defines your money reality.  You can only spend it once.  Or you can put it to work indefinitely.  That’s when investing becomes a party, because that dollar calls all its’ friends over.



Get a nice crisp $10 bill.  Once you get back from the bank–because that’s where you’ll have to go to obtain a fresh $10, look at it.  You will only own this $10 bucks once.  It represents specific work performed by you, at a specific place, at a specific time.  You sold a specific slice of your life-energy in exchange for that specific $10.  That’s a done deal.  Now it’s deciding time.  Hold up your $10 bill and ask if you want to just party with it, or if you want to employ it to work indefinitely for you.  Only you can decide.



For every dollar you spend, you only get to decide once.  For every dollar you put to work, you can choose to spend or invest it countless times–as long as you own it.  Dollars are like cats.  All the dollars you ignore thus spend, go off to better homes, with owners who love  them.




That’s a face you can love.




Cash calls cash.  It’s a basic financial fact.  Money flows where you direct it.  It collects there if you let it.  Money also follows money into things such as investments.  Ween investors find good returns, others tend to follow.



Cash–the Forest Gump Version;

Money’s like a box of tools.  You can sell them once, or use them forever.

The very same rule applies on the personal level.  We can prove it–rather, you  can prove it to yourself.  Here’s how.

1.  Begin a cash fund–cash.

2.  Set a small regular addition to that fund–in cash.

3.  Use nice bills, not tattered, torn, or old bills.

4.  Smooth, straighten, and flatten corners and creases.

5.  Create a stack, fold, or roll, and make it grow.


This is process, creating habit.  Once you get your vinyl grooved anew you’re good.  Now the power of habit it working for you in a quantifiable way.  Habit is forever at work.  It’s either working for you, or against you.  Fact.  For most people, habit remains a financial foe.  Be on your own financial side.  Use the unavoidable powers of habit.

Habit is forever at work in our money lives.  It’s either friend or foe.  You decide.  A decision is all that’s required.




Fun with your freshly-built fat stack.  Ever walked around with a fat wad of groomed folded cash?  Try it.  It changes how you feel.  When that happens, you’re on your way.  Fact.   Then stop doing it.



Thanks for reading.  Keep looking.






Images sourced from Pixabay. is simply amazing–a sprawling compendium of joy.  Thank you Pixabay.  If you also know love and use Pixabays’ lavish resource, please take time to donate to them at  We do, truly.

Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.

Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.


Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams away.




  1. I loved the reference to the tool box. The 400 piece craftsman set I purchased in the 9th grade has payed for itself 1000 times over – and still counting.The habit reference is as true as it gets. I had the habit of setting my phone down all over the house. I’ve spent countless hours searching for it. I have made a habit of putting everything in the same place every time. It will work for your emergency cash fund as well. Nothing like the smell of a crisp stack of benjamin’s in the morning.


    1. Nothing creates conviction like the five senses. Been warned against the pursuit of money? Do yourself a favor. Examine closely the lives of those who utter such warnings. People are different. Those who warned you about money as an evil, had their own personal reasons. Ask them if they will back-stop your mortgage payments if you run short. Guess what? They will not.


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