Top 10 Block Heads 2017




Going Brain-Free 10 times.

The year’s end calls for a look and rate.  What have we been up to for the past twelve months?  Let’s look.

Some say that we’re foolish.  Telling it like you see it is called integrity.

Sleepiest preventable farces 2017:


10.  The Martin Shkreli Full-Melt.


Under Martin Shkreli’s leadership, Daraprim’s price rose from 13.50 to 750 in a single bound.  Darmaprim is used to treat  Toxoplasmosis.  Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a parasitic infestation.



10.   Martin Shkreli,                                                        The Final Meltdown.  On September 13 this year, Martin Shkreli fully felt the pressure.  The one time Turing Pharmaceutical CEO posted on Facebook a $5000.00 payout for “a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair.”  That did it.  His bail was revoked, launching him as HST often noted “into the system, deep into the system.”



What did Martin do to really got people’s attention?  He raised the price of a drug commonly used by AIDs patients.  The drug Daraprim went from $13.50 a dose to $750.00, in a single bound.  What a guy.



Congress called Martin to appear before their committee concerning drug pricing increases.  Martin snarled when forced to respond.  Otherwise he simply sold the looming ring of stern people a puffy bag of sullen disregard.  It was his day.  He created absolutely no love or any fans.  Snarling to the press immediately following that ugliness made him no friends.



Meanwhile, his vinyl copy, the only copy, of “Once Upon a Time in Shaolia,” by Wu Tang Crew’s whatever album was being auctioned off for $1 million.  Martin had paid double that, and he was about to report to the United States Bureau of Prisons.  Can’t believe he’s not #1.  Just you wait.




9.  Congress.  Dealing  in the Dark.


These work in the dark like congress.  They work in the day, or whenever they want, again like congress.



9.  Dealin’ in the Dark.”                     Congressional secret bill cooking.   Bills popping out of the dark?  “Well–let me see it.”  “Oh, we don’t actually have it.” The same guys cooking in the dark, then push for a floor vote.  All this thoughtful work, without any bill to read.  “I don’t need to actually read it, do I?  I didn’t see anything in the drafts that effects me.”



8.  Montana’s Gianforte.  Gianforte gets physical with your sales pitch.

newspaper-machine-1209718_1920 A Fox News interview with Greg Gianforte goes WWF.  It’s all good though.  We’re in the west.



8.  “Gianforte Press interview Beat-Down.”  May 24, ’17. Press conference body-slam of Ben Jacobs of the British paper the Guardian, by Montana U.S. House candidate Greg Gianforte.  Gianforte was subsequently elected and ape-chest-proud.  WWF leadership.  Accept no substitute.  Remember Montana.  They come up again.




7.  FEMA, and The Dynamic Duo from Whitefish.


Yeah, looks like a two-man job to me.  “How many of these we gotta put up?”



7.  “No bid”                                         contract to Whitefish,  a two-man operation out of Montana, hired to rebuild all of Puerto Rico’s power grid.  Nothing fishy at all.



6.  The Press Secretary, and the General.


Better back up sucker.  That’s a general.


6.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders                  and the General.  Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sternly warns against questioning generals, or any other authority.  Where was  Antifa doing that day?



5.  Brexit Backwash mess.  Boris Johnson.  Teresa May.


Boris Johnson, former mayor of London played a leading role in the sale of Brexit.  Then it passed, and the unhappiness grew, as the facts became clear to everyone almost at once.  Now where is he?


5.  “The Great Brexit Show.”  In December Great Britain registered more of the sweeping change resulting from the shocking “Yes” vote to leave the powerful European Union trading block.  The European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority both announced their plans to relocate, outside of Great Britain.  Medicines goes to Amsterdam, and the latter Paris.


The loss of thousands of jobs, both direct and indirect, is but the begging of the pain.  Former mayor of London Boris Johnson sold the leave vote big time and then went stealth as the ungodly  move sunk in.



Add the awesome bungling of Prime Minister Teresa May.  She calls early elections and succeeds in destroying her party’s majority.  Then she goes panoramic ally hard-ball on all issues relating to the split.  No “good” end comes to this.



4.  Shutting down the watchdog.  Thanks Elizabeth for trying.


Card holder ranked as a high priority for the now finished CFPB.  In Our Opinion, a lost opportunity to create smarter consumers.


4.  Dismantling                     of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  For the first time in memory, and for a very short time, banks were being held to a few basic standards.  Notice how long that lasted.  Ironically, the CFPB provided card users with clear info on precisely how to use the instrument.  How much stronger could our consumer-driven economy be if more people used credit successfully?



Yes, the CFPB has been criticized as “political,” and for mishandling the Wells Fargo fake accounts fraud.  Fine.  The CFPB under-fined Wells.  Guess what.  No banking fine in America is designed to actually stop bad banking behavior.  They are only designed to “look” like true punishment.




3.  The GOP.  Three strikes anywhere else means “you’re out.”


 Gawkers at the train wreck.  “#2, Triple-shot done whipped?”



3.  The              Three Strike GOP healthcare reform act.  And that’s what it was, an act, where guys in suits acted like real leaders.  When you act like that in the NFL they trade you on.  Should we be looking to the NFL to understand congressional representation?



2.  Trump.  Kicking a Dragon.


Jerusalem.  The religious center of three world religions.  1.3 billion Muslims feel left out.


2.  The                                            declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.  “Quiet power” works better than a stick to the eye of the entire Arab world.  If doing it, do so quietly.  Don’t crow it.  Or perhaps pause for at least a touch of calm.



Numbers matter.  At last count the Muslim world totaled approximately 1.3 billion people.  How many are now unhappy with America?  How many are seriously unhappy with America?  How much more unhappy are they with American now?  What did we get for that, exactly?



We can hear the howling now from Trump believers.  Trump has much farther to go to match Obama’s horrid record regarding the financial industry.  Barack Obama’s response to the financial meltdown was to throw open the treasury’s vault door and provide pusch carts for bank presidents to stock up on the very reserves the banks had just pissed away.  No regulation required.  Far worse was the Obama administrations stallwart refusal to even indict any of the clearly culpible banking leaders.  No prosecutions came for bringing the nation to its’ knees.  That’s closer to crime than block headed.

Savor the details of the stone-criminal follies of Wells Fargo;

“Wells Fargo.  Fraud Factory.”

This president receives  points for tone-deaf humor, nonetheless funny.  As reported in 11-27-17, the president met with native American “code talkers,” at the White House.  During the presentation Trump commented “You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas.”


  Unfinished, Trump then turns toward his honored guests and spouts as only he can  “But you know what? I like you. Because you are special. You are special people, you are really incredible people.”  As left-handed and hopelessly awkward as the comments are, doesn’t the Commander and Chief receive any points for trying?  Social code can be confusing, as well as stunningly transitory.  But they were code talkers.  Check the details from Ali Vitali’s article on;


Yes, of course the president was mercilessly shredded for  comments viewed as outrageous and “profoundly disturbing.”  Grievous were his savagely racist blundering.  Really?  Perhaps.  Yet, humor eases tension.  Ask any stand-up.  Humor can free us from the tyranny of personally-held creeds which divide.


We can hear the PC apostles howling their profundities.  Here’s the answer.  Life is a one-way trip worth living.  Further, there will never be a shortage of sour, grim people.  Those people are brimming with mandatory life marching orders, one’s they have decided are right.  When we lose laughter, in the face of serious issues, we have created the very monster we seek to avoid.  “Gotcha” games are for kids.  No need exists for a dour PC straight-jacket.



Bowing to peer pressure is called an integrity failure.  Personal agency means internal control, not external.  The latter is galloping mediocrity and herd-mentality.  President Trump displays neither.  We admire that.



President Donald Trump has more money than most people is his willingness to risk.  He also possesses self-trust.  Unusual courage is required to go against the grain.  We might say “more power to ya.”  But how would that happen?



Outrage is not a measure of social reprehensibility or citizenship.  Outrage is rather a manipulation trick.  Jerry Falwell loved and used it endlessly.  How much outrage is required to listen, learn, grow, or act?  None.


“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission of his own.”

–President Donald Trump, speaking to the United Nations General Assembly(9-19-17.)



Our man in the middle east.



1.  Equifax, and former CEO Richard Smith.  Ye ‘Ole Awesome Bungler.


Want your PII back?  It’s around here, all around.  Don’t worry, your name’s on it.


1.  Equifax.                       Thank you for all the fun and for being so war-driver arrogant, butt-lazy, and butt-stupid as to lose everyone’s Personally Identifiable Information forever.  That was data you never had legal right to collect, let alone control, and charge us for.  Wells Fargo?  Come-on.  Enough said.


Savor all the slack-jaw tasty-bits of Equifax world.  The Deep Water Horizon of Data.

“Equifax Sticks it to America.”


Or, grin along with the toe-tapping pool-party antics of Wells Fargo.  The Stage Coach Gang’s back in our September piece, pumping up the #s–of victims.

“Wells Fargo.  Fraud Factory.”





Some of your PII may have drifted to the nursery by now.


Thanks for reading.  Keep looking.





Images sourced from Pixabay. is simply amazing–a sprawling compendium of joy.  Thank you Pixabay.  If you also know love and use Pixabays’ lavish resource, please take time to donate to them at  We do, truly.

Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.

Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.


Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams




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