Like Coupons? Now Negotiate New Much Better Ones. We Turned $10 off to 20%. Here’s How.




O u r                                                            lead image says 10%.  That’s a baseline.  We got 20%.  We seriously believe that some people just may struggle with the idea that retailers will even listen, about anything.  We’re coupon-redefining here.  It works.  Below is the strategy.  It’s like Gumby.  Bend it around any way you like.  Retail is under pressure.  Many, if not most, will listen.   They listen best when it’s clear you know exactly what you’re talking about.  Thins happen when it’s clear that how they, management, respond right now will determine your action.  Bring your velvet touch.


Coupons are signals, much better than smoke.  Coupons convey clear terms and conditions.  However not all promotional gambits are worth our time.





H o w                       many coupons, offers, and deals, have you simply stepped over because they weren’t worth your trouble?  Many prove so paltry we end up annoyed at having been tricked into burning the time examining it.  Those retailers we remember and jeer.  No more.  Now we remake.


Promotions are meaningless to everyone unless used. But who beats the streets for $10 bucks? Not us. With the AMZN death machine trolling the galaxy it’s your time to rumble. Rumble right int your local retailer and rustle-up the coupon you really want.




bathroom-1780511_1920What would you be willing to say to your local retailer to get a bathroom like this?  We would provide more than an email.


The Amazon retail death machine rolls on tsunami-style, rolling right over retailers close to you.  And?  And it’s your opportunity to turn the tables to your advantage.  It’s simple, and fun.


S t o p                              being stingy with your time and help your retailer out.  They need the help.  The gravity-grab the death star’s creating is real and everyone feels it.  Why should we on the consumer side fail to also benefit?  Don’t fail–confront and negotiate.  Here’s precisely what StockJaw did.



Just like the rest of America we receive those floppy blue and red cards from BBBY.  They always angle in the same way.  Ten bucks off.  Minimum purchase  $30.00.  Best deal–spend only $30.00 to secure a 33.3% total discount.  Is that worth doing?  Maybe, if you need something under $50 and don’t need to leave the house.




bathroom-2094684_1920Nice.  Clean design that’s cost-effective and achievable in most homes.  Not your style?  No problem.



BBBy                   yet seems unclear about their future.  They continue to trundle along as though they have a future.  They don’t.  Not really.  BBBY has an opportunity at a future, if and when they go commando.  $10 bucks gets exactly no one’s heart pumping.



Fact.  Most Americans wouldn’t walk the width of a parking lot for $10 bucks saved.  O.K.  If they were actually in the lot, liked the store and its’ products, needed something specific, or just loved home products, and had the coupon on them, then they might cross the lot to redeem such a cheap-ass coupon.  Maybe.  What would they do if it were 10% off?




Coupons                          are promotions.  Promotions are meant to motivate.  Doing this stress-free math.  $10 off $30 creates a 33.3% price break.  Nice break, in percentage terms, and that’s the proper measure.  The same 10 off 100 is a 10% price break.  Get it?  Again, coupons are meant to motivate and encourage.  Coupons denominated in dollars do neither.


BBBY                                   is a business operating in the Consumer Discretionary sector.  That means the money people don’t have to spend to live.  It’s up to their discretion or choice.  As you remember, the crime-laced ’09 economic meltdown created by Wall St. greed brought devastation to the entire consumer discretionary sector.  Sales creatored and did not rebound quickly.  BBBY lie at the bottom.  We knew this about the sector.



bathroom-1770211_1920O.K.  Not achievable for most homes including anyone we know.  But wow.



BBBY’s                                    minimal coupons kept pounding our boxes as the turn-turn ground on, until we decide on a new course of action.  Let’s show BBBY the facts, in stark, undeniable black and whie.  That’s exactly what we did and we started on our trading platform.




Every online trading platform offers some form of “sectors” tool.  This tool displays all 11 economic sectors and their relative performance over time: 5 day, 10day, 1 month, 3 months, 6, YTD, and 1 year.  Within each of our economy’s 11 sectors there are industries.  Within each industry there reside all sub-industries.  Sub industries are comprised of all individual companies operating therein.  BBBY is in there, and the numbers tell their exact story.  That’s what we printed prior to hitting their doors.




We                                               requested to speak with the store manager and promptly walked Tim over to the kitchen area.  Surrounded by Cuisinart, Calphalon, and a buch of Italian espresso makers we made our point.  We presented the coupon and said…



bathroom-1825931_1920Who lives like this?  Not us.  Nice, textured, roomy, rich, too dark.



“The better deal we get the more we’ll buy and this isn’t helping.  What can you offer?”  BBBY manager; “There’s nothing I can do.  That offer’s set by the company.”  Blood clot.  That’s where the fun always begins–when they pretend “there’s nothing they can do.”



That’s                        when we unrolled the tube of paper in had–right, the same roll Tim the manager had been glancing at nervously.  We simply stated the facts like this:


1.  We are currently in the worst recession in American history.

2.  BBBY operated in the Consumer Discretionary sector.  We hold up the print out and point.

3.  Consumer D, is the very first sector to suffer in any downturn.  We point at the row of #s for CD, as compared to other sectors.  CD was the worst performer, just as we stated.

4.  BBBY’s sales have fallen off the table.  We point, agian, this time at the abysmal #s for BBBY specifically.  Tim stares.  He sees where this is going.

5.  We hold aloft the cheesy $10 coupon and explain it’s built-in perversity.  “Good offers pay customers to buy more, not less.  That means denominating in percentage points, not dollars.

6.  We wave an arm over the gleaming array of kitchen products and say “we’re interested in all of this stuff.”  Then we trun back to Tim and restate firmly.

7.  “Your #s are donw.  We know they’re down.  The only way to raise them is to sell product.  The more product you sell the better your #s.  We’re here to help.  The better deal you offer, the more we’ll buy, right now.”


Result?  Stockjaw translated the common and uninspiring $10 coupon into a flat 20% discount.  We walkid out with an Italian espresso maker.  It was marked $245.  Instead of $10 off, we negotiated a 20% cut.  Do the math.



Thanks for reading.  Keep looking.



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Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.
Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.
Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams away.

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One thought on “Like Coupons? Now Negotiate New Much Better Ones. We Turned $10 off to 20%. Here’s How.

  1. Wow, next thing you know you will be explainimg the no-credit, credit card. You probably have been to busy to read instant cash…..yet. I suggest you crack the cover and cut out all 4 no-credit credit cards. Pass them out at the office. Everyone should have one. The way it works is you march straight up to the manager of BBBY or whatevcer and say…. you know what? don’t you have to pay a fee if I use my visa or mastercard????? Why yes we do but it is ONLY 4-5 % or so….
    We’ll sir I’ve been thinking about that and I have an offer for you………………?????? Why don’t I pay you in Bengemans (Franklins) and we can split the 4-5 %. You give me a discount of 2-3% and I’ll give you greenbacks.. what do you say….. a puzzzled look crosses his face……. well that sounds interesting. (you) Ow by the way I can get this same thing on amazon and have it de4livered to my door (I have a bad back) So why dont you match there price and add 2-35 discount for having a brick building your paying through the nose for ????…Hum…. Well sir we do want your buisness……..Let me taLK TO MY MANAGER…..OH HE SAYS HE WOULD HAVE TO TALK TO HIS MANAGER WHO MUST CALL CORPORATE TO CLEAR ANY SUCH TRANSACTION IN OUR BRICK BUILDING…..(YOU) WELL i’LL GIVE YOU EXACTUALLY 10 MINUTES TO THINK IT OVER OR i’M JUST GOING TO BUY THE DAMN THIN ON MY PHOME….SEE ???? OK, AAAAS YES SIR i WILL GET RIGHT ON THAT. ………oK WE CAN DO THAT BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PULL AROUND TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK AND SHOW THEM THIS TICKET THINGY AND THEY WILL PULL IT FROM STOCK AND LOAD IT IN YOUR CAR FOR YOU………… WHAT, YOUR NOT GOING TO SEND HIM HOME WITH ME TO UNLOAD IT AND PUT IT TOGETHER AND TEST IT TO MAKE DAMN SUR THE THING WOOORKSSS???? ………………………….. wELL…….. NO WE CAN’T DO THAT HE’S ON THE CLOCK AND UH………………..THAT JUST IS NOT OUR POLLICY SIR……………. WELL…………………..OK, WHY DONTY YOU KNOCK ANOUTHER 2% OFF YOUR REVISED RETAIL PRICE WITH THE DISCOUNT.???????????????


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