Death Cross. Lockheed Martin.

Soviet radar and AK-75s limited U.S. aircraft reconnaissance over the USSR, until Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” rolled out the U-2. That’s when they tapped Gary to fly it.


W e               all hear voices.  Some come in under the radar.  We heard the final broadcast of Francis Gary Powers.  Prove we didn’t.  Gary was broadcasting from the past, probably.


People should listen for voices, but not talk about them unless others are also hearing.  Many audible voices may even be external, and non-clinical.  For example.  Peter Lynch is a voice we hear.  Remember when he told us–


I prefer companies that can be run by an idiot, because sooner or later, it will be”– Peter Lynch



When radio waves “linger” atmospherically.


“Radio waves do not linger,” he repeats, “not atmospherically.”

This I’ve heard previously.

“What does that have to do with Frances Gary Powers?”  I watch the passing shoe with toilet paper attached.  I was attempting to ignor my manager and absolutely no one could blame me.

I suddenly lean in on him and mumble.

“Hey, It’s Gary Powers.  I’m going down–somewhere over the Soviet Union–or maybe over by the new Costco,” I mock.  “And by the way, we have frozen Jumbo shrimp coupons at the door, and an 11 year-old on the roof with a headset, a microphone, and a recording fresh from the frisky Soviets.  And where was this all going on?  On the roof of our building, The Mahogany.   An 11 year-old is now running a pirate radio rig on our roof?”

“That’s where the signals are.”  He squints.  “Maybe we should nave set up in the parking garage.”

Think about it.  When confronted by this level of–whatever–why not attempt to learn something?

“Did the kid bother to ask Gary anything useful like, has Twitter bottomed?” I had asked.  That was during the first story time.


The Skunk Works U-2.  In the ’80s they released the TR-1, U-2S variants.


Our defense play Lockheed-Martin(LMT) has been holding up reasonably well for us in a very tough time.  We lavish those upon whom we can depend during hideous splintering coaster plunges.


Yet companies are not mere stocks.  For example.  LMT makes things,like aircraft and missile systems.  LMT has history.  It works for us now, and it has worked for a long time.  LMT’s history reverberates today.  Our present is the layered sediment of complex history.


“Can he keep calling?  Tell Donner to get Gary back on the horn.” I tell him.  “If–“

“It’s a wave, not a horn, or a telephone” he square’s with the zero affect of some doped in-patient.

“Ask him how he likes Lockheed–I mean right now, in this environment.  First tell him about the F-35, and the new National Security Advisor super-hawk John Bolton.  He starts the 9th of next month.  Tell him we’ll be deploying additional troops somewhere by summer.”

“Have to have Lockheed for that,” he says.



Ugly things are boiling or even crawling back out of the pot.  The steam we’ve seen before.  Remember trade wars?  Are those like over-the-air radio?  They used radio back when they were crowing about the coming “flying car” age, right?  Right, only radio was already advanced, very cheap, and effective.  That was before hamburgers.


That was all before the hyped ultra-liberation of commercial air travel.   Soon the every-person would be airborne in a clean swinging snapping “jet age.”  Air travel was going stylish and sexy.  Linen glamour luxury was to become ubiquitous, as common as television.



people 2People love to look.  See?


We’d                      gone from heroes to zeros in four days and all for purely trying to help.  The entire building now busied itself “detoxifying.”  Flyers relieved the entire lobby with news of the rooftop “Returning to Whole” candlelight vigil.  We were now the new lepers of the Mahogany.

We scurried up the stairwell leading from the parking garage.

“Amazon is the future,” we’d simply stated.  We told everyone the exact same thing last summer.  What’d we hear back?  Two people  mumbled “thanks,” after they’d ridden AMZN up from $950.00 to over 1600.00.  Then last week happened.  They took a week of pain and now whine like wolves.

Last summer we’d called a “BUY”–below $950.00.  Almost immediately AMZN landed at $932.00.  We call it a BUY again, now.  Close 4-2-18, $1371.50.  -5.21% on 110% of  5-day average volume.

How were we supposed to anticipate some shill-story such as the Axios fake-out concerning Amazon?

“Stay long,” I shout, as we push through chattering knots.

“Keep moving.” I hiss while continuing to push.  “This is all a market flare off, not fundamentals.”

“You told us to invest,” someone shouts.



Grocers behind the scenes. Online groceries first. Then maybe drones.



Did anyone miss it?  Last week proved unusual and splintering.  Amazon plunged -4.38% in a single session, taking everything else with it.  Here’s the kicker.


This butt-ugly dismount came on double-plus volume.  Volume is the lie-detector and volume says the descent is valid.  That’s known as negative price action.  How about technical news for AMZN?  The price plunge deposited AMZN below it’s 50d simple moving average(SMA.)  The Chaikin Money Flow oscillator did bend up however.  The CMF oscillator tracks institutional money, the true share price determiner.


Context is often complicated.  Would you think our market to be any different?  Now is the perfect case in point.  Absolutely everything is affecting the indexes–Facebook and Cambridge Analytica accounts, nonsense from some politicized wart called Axios claiming Trump targeting Amazon, the President’s actual negative Tweets about AMZN as a monopoly and tax-dodger.


Who and what else?  Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, J. Powell, the administration, China, CNN and the media sensation-bias, the oldest current western Allies, a new coalition of 29 countries vs. Russia, and the atavistic crackle of a spiffy new Cold War sequel.



Allied Berlin.  Cold War Icon–a divided city, and people, now militarized



Brexit simmers and the U.K.’s May is scowling, dictating, arguing with the Euro-powers, despised by most, alienated within her own party, and loud-mouthing about Russian viciousness.


Meanwhile, we have a 60-for-60 diplomat expulsion.  We have Putin the prankster racking up more poison hits.  Door knobs are a favorite placement point.  Putin goes with the poison, just like North Korea.



“All tours to the building’s instantly precious Observation Deck, and the equities market, will now be conducted by clergy,” my manager says.  “Last rites will be available at the door upon request.”  He shouts at a resident to wheel back.

“Is that the same clerical company busy advising Facebook.”


Observation Decks allow panoramic views.  People like panoramas.  People also like sweeping epics and that’s what we see in all directions.  Electric vehicles, the IOT, and Space X are epic,  and mostly sweeping.



T h e                            Cold War and the space race were both sweeping and epic.  For example, the Cold War split much of the world between 1947 and the Truman Doctrine, and 1991, the fall of hte Soviet Union.  Many companies working during World War II, and the Cold War are working now–Ford, Boeing, and Lockheed, to name three.



You know what you get for whimsical design in Russia.   Kind of like braking the drummer’s fingers–sort of



People love some movies because they’re epics, and observational.  Lockheed rates as epic.  Lockheed also rates as sweeping, and relevant.  Back in 1954 and deep within Lockheed, engineers created a piece of the future.  A handful of mad scientists birthed a project plane for the ether.  The end result was suited to fly forever and at towering heights while photographing everything horizon to horizon.




aKelly Johnson and Gary Powers in front of a Lockheed U-2IU-2 plane.

Kelly, Powers, the U-2.




The  unique U-2 was ramrodded by Lockheed engineer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson–a shirt sleeves rolled up and on the plant floor creator.  That creation nosed out from beneath the fluttering camouflage netting over the Burbank plant featuring a wing, full of gas, a seat, requiring a shoe-horn, and SOTA cameras.  They called it the U-2, and it required fall-off wingtip training wheels to charge the tarmac.


The state of the art spy plane launched for testing in ’55, and soon after went operational for the USAF, and in turn the CIA.  They love toys.  The Air Force had a pilot named Francis Gary Powers.  The powers that be horned Powers the pilot snugly into the U-2 and launched him east to buzz about the Soviet bear.



 The Berlin Wall.


People love panoramas, and the drama of height.  The building’s glimmering new  overlook isn’t epic or of a great height.  However, it had already provided a place to receive a shaky scratchy noisy link combed directly out of the ethereal and fully inexplicable.  How much is that worth?


“Relax,” he says.  “Take a tranquilizer.  Nobody knows we’re up here.”

I glance around at the approximately twenty people enjoying the cooling evening views.

“Right–of course.”

“They can’t see anything,” he waves.  “What can they do anyway.”

“Don’t we know a company that thinks things like that?  Equifool.”

“Short wave is not casual radio,” my manager prepares.  “And this is exactly why.”

The Observation Deck mills casually with gawkers.

Stars twinkle.

“He’s an audio artist,” he points.  “Donner’s eleven and already grasps things we’ll never understand–like lingering radio waves.”  My manager jabs a thumb toward the kid settled in the low orange glow of the rooftop radio facility.

“He’s also a ham operator–that’s short-wave.  He set up the station, and recorded the broadcast.”

“Does he have a short-wave license?  The FCC tends to bunch-up when their rules of broadcasting are broken.”

And then it happened, there on the roof top of the Mahogany, under an obscene glitter of chipped-ice stars.



technology-905433_1920International political assassinations will register on most VU meters, including war-era models.  Did you catch the Fox News analyst’s response when questioned about Putin’s assassination program?  “Why wouldn’t he?”


A distant inhuman hiss issues from a pair of speakers.  The friction grows, the signal chops, crackles, then leaks forth a noise-submerged and agitated tone.  “I’ve been hit.  50,000 feet and losing altitude rapidly…[hiss]…going down…..1483535…definitely going down….”


The kid swivels a look up from the controls of the massive reel-to-reel.  Some pure darkness of dislocation fills my heart, while little groups of deck gawkers approach to gather around the greenhouse radio head.  Listen Woody, much exists which we do not know.


Life can be stupefying, gimmicky, or even paradoxical.  The unexpected eventually appears and then morphs into something else and then is sold as the “new normal.”  Or circumstances may just go mind-bending.  No?  Explain the Fibonacci ratios.  People like surprises, some people.  History’s surprising.  Sound is surprising and sometimes historical.  Sound can reverberate.  Think radio astronomy.


Factual events and voices can linger generationally, or much longer.  “I have a dream,” MLK.  The ring of a particular phrase or image often remain aloft for a very long time in fact.  How about Reagan’s “Evil Empire” image?  Historically that was just last week.  How about Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address?



 RIAN archive 35172 Powers Wears Special Pressure Suit.jpg

Gary Powers.


The military photos of Francis Gary Powers show a frowning man  resolved.  The eyes return the photographic intrusion.  The frown just is.  And that was before the “U-2 Incident.”  So you take a depressed or unhappy guy and sling him over your enemy with a camera?  Who knew flying spy planes through sovereign airspace could cause such a fuss?


Gary piloted repeated reconnaissance missions over the USSR, all in the light long-winged U-2.  The U-2 was designed to stay up for a long time for photographic coverage.  But the Soviets in 1960 managed to drill one from the ground.  Their SAMs were better than we knew.  Hello Gary.  Global news went feverish with what later became a milestone event of the Cold War.



ussr-26867_1280 (1)
As iconic as it gets.
These fence pillar caps are not western architectural elements.


Gary immediately became the reluctant recipient of intense face-time with the Russians.  That level of sustained focus by others will secure your attention.  As a result, Powers suddenly became privy to a very different perspective of the Cold War.


Powers cut his chute loose and just for kicks Khrushchev ran him through the entire rodeo–a Soviet-style hoedown hammering; show trial, photo, press statements, diplomatic churn, and high-level negotiations.  Once the “how dare yous” bubbled free, the entire event slipped out of headlines and cooled to room temperature.  It’s back.


sr-71-532990The “Skunk Works” Lockheed Sr-71 “Blackbird.”  This rig flies so high and fast that it couldn’t be shot down.  Only a pair remain.



Powers returned to the U.S. to a mixed bag reception.  The CIA;s criticisms included failure to destroy sensitive materials, and failure to eat the shellfish toxin death pill they kindly provided.  Right.  Powers worked for Lockheed as a test pilot 1962-1970.  Then came August 1, 1977 and California.


Summer fire was eating the mountains and local television affiliate KNBC, Los Angeles sent the chopper.  Rather then an airplane, Powers punched out in a news helicopter crash with photographer George Spears.  The Bell 206 Jet Ranger ran out of fuel and fell from the sky.  Registration #N4TV.


STOCKjAW exit point:


LMT, 7-19-18, Close.
Chart, LMT, 7-27
Hard call. Yet, Lockheed Martin’s fundamentals are extremely strong, as is their management team. LMT is trailing both the NASDAQ and S&P500 just now.
soviet-1707264_1920Powers was swapped out like some cold war vacuum tube.  For his effort our CIA criticized him for not going suicidal.  Soviet vacuum tube.

Skunk Works, Lockheed-Martin


Thanks for Reading.  Keep Rolling.

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