Here Comes The Good Stuff. 4K More Than Before.

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From our crew to You.  Thank You for taking the time to send Us a Like.  It matters.


create your reality. That tidal power is always at play. What do yours say? Do they pay? They can.  Find your way into your own pay line. Be there every time. No hand of heaven will reach down to slip you in. It’s on you–always has been. It’s your money, unless you deal it out. There’s no secret here, only choice.  This one you can definitely do, now. It will dramatically transform your life.  We live in a different world now.  And so can you.  Here’s what our new world looks like, and how to get there.

Smart money moves create more smart money. When you take care of your money it takes care of you. Then you end up here, on the bank’s free money. Really. Here’s how.


told to save some money is like being stopped by the cops.  Not paying yourself is like working while living in your friend’s basement and being  charged with dishes and trash.  We do none of the above .  We’re lucky like that.  We pay ourselves first like a raging surf.  Bring a bat if you intend to change that.

Others can fuss over what’s left.  We’d live in a car before we dealt to others off the top.  No one’s “saving.”  We’re being paid.  It took us years to get it.  Now that we understand, it’s no sweat off our set to be paid, every time.  We count down days until we take our cut again.  Really.

 Most passengers know it’s coming and begin tiding before hand.  The muffled drone slips back amid the hiss-clack of airplane window shades.  All aboard are immediately clutching those narrow Mexican Customs Declaration forms.

“The captain’s turned on the fasten seat belts sign as we prepare for landing in Cancun.  Please return your seats to the upright position and make sure all carry-ons are properly stowed beneath the forward seat.  The crew wants to thank you for flying Delta Airlines and looks forward to serving you in the future.  Welcome to Cancun.  It’s 11:57 local time and the temperature on the ground is 87.”



not my ass” I glare down at a sullen foot-shuffling teen.. “That’s my fat stack.”  The huffy teenager quickly pretends to be scanning his phone.  Anyone who’s been there viscerally knows the ass-in-face proximity of modern air travel.  Our first-class airfare’s happily stuffed in my fat stack, not Delta’s.  Meanwhile, the aisle bristles with sub-tropical getaway fever.  One mild carry-on melee and our team’s hustling the aluminum hallway toward  Cancun International’s cattle-call arrival row.

Some people think if it’s online it’s ka-ka.  No one pays us a dine to wave a flag about paying yourself.  We simply discovered the awesome and shared it with you, so you can too.

Fat stacks are created in different forms and relative sizes, but they’re all fat stacks.  The STOCKjAW team has paid ourselves 4K, each, in twenty months.  Fact.  We each have all of that 4k to this day, and more is on the way.  Sleep on that.  We do.  It works like Fa King magic, but it’s not.  It’s choice repeated into habit.  Being paid first is the only way to fly.


Who wears a suit when flying to Cancun? This guy.  But then, he may very well be on a fat stack mission.


is a shambling line that never stops.  Grab yours as you go by or it’s all just an unanswered ringing phone..  Waiting for something good to happen is a fool’s errand that never ends.  Good luck with the grand plan.  Progress is more often a mud fight.  This life is far too short to worry or wait.  Fear and embarrassment are passing, especially when there’re someone else’s.  They say Alan Alda has Parkinson’s.  There’s a lesson there.  No one out run’s that.

Cancun is a narrow spit of sand just off the scorpion’s tail of the Yucatan peninsula.  It’s a coat hook for hurricanes.  Those who fly in travel north on a palm-lined four lane.  You’ll never forget it.  The trip along Boulevard Kukulcan is both fast and visual.  That’s life.  Every terrific hotel in the zone lies along this north/south wind.  The life blood of the island flows here at the ocean’s edge.

The beaches of Cancun Mexico are world-class any way you slice it.  If you enjoy solitude try the south–Tulum and the Mayan Riviera.  No matter, Mexico is America’s best beach travel dollar.


surf was soft when we came to stay.  That night the stars came out.  Utter peace descended from a brilliant bowl of galactic glitter.  Superb planning will produce.  You can never dodge the resplendent results of great habits.  You do your best and then let the results roll.  Know that life will be very brief.  But then, you take your best shot every day and that’s it.

The differences we create are mostly gifts, while active gratitude the best pose toward each.  Seriously fun agency in your own life is itself a gift of related lessons.  Once seized that collective is always yours.  What sort of  emotionally-constipated butt-munch discovers such and remains silent?

Givers of kindness are ironically first in line for the goodness shared.  What we generate is where we live.  Try escaping that.  Generate gas or goodness.  Either way it’s your world.

Delta Airlines wants to thank you for not bringing your goddamn support animals on our flight today.


week in Mexico is a gorgeous gift for those with eyes to see.  The STOCKjAW crew never spends cash on hand, but rather flies on the  bank’s.  We know the nut will be paid on time and interest free, in 15 months.  Never spend your own money–almost never we mean.  Never be cheap or slow with those you love.  That’s what the filthy stuff’s for.  Spending your money, instead of the bank’s, reduces your cash on hand.  Always look for a better way.

We travel on the bank’s dollar.  Meanwhile, we actually build our liquidity.  Use 0% credit card offers to do that, and enjoy the time, the flexibility, the cash bonus, the cash back, the free built-in travel insurance, and your still growing liquidity.  Keep your stack on hand.

Night taxi on the Boulevard Kukulcan.  Cancun Mexico.


like a refugee in your own life is unnecessary.. Fat pocket syndrome fixes that.  Try it and see.  Paying yourself first will stuff your pockets, or socks, or both. Wondering what other people think about that attitude will not.  But we will.  That’s what we do, for ourselves and you.  We’ve rocked the Caribbean eight times, so far.

It’s your money, regardless of anything.  Pay yourself again.  Is that your phone?  Would you give that away?  

Gentle luxurious magic.


you find yourself in Cancun, as we do, you may just fall in love.  Don’t bother to change you money, unless you ride the bus.  Equatorial light is very different and it ignites the Caribbean an unspeakable azure,  You will know that exuberant light forever on.  You can thank yourself for that.  We do.

Your cut comes off the top and it comes every tine regardless.  That’s  paying yourself first.  When you install that practice into your money life, you and yours will be creating new opportunities.  Those are called options, and having options is luxurious.  We promise.

When you feel good, it shows.



Tell Someone.

Thanks for Reading.

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Images sourced from Pixabay. is simply amazing–a sprawling compendium of joy.  Thank you Pixabay.  If you also know love and use Pixabay’s lavish resource, please take time to donate to them at  We do, truly.

Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.
Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.
Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams away.

Dollars Are Employees. We Make Them Work. Slack Dollars Reborn Busy. STOCKjAW helps You make the dollars you worked for work back. Do it simple and streamlined. Or do it Full-Bore. Stocks, ETFs, and more. It's Your cash. Sj helps you point it in the correct direction.

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