Data Babylon No Mo. Alteryx.

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SEPTEMBER, 12, 2019


analytics” you say? Blood clot. Data has always partied to its’ own specific beat. Lawless Babylon. Nothing’s compatible with nothing and data don’t care. Party on.


Yet insight-rich data falls like confetti over our days. Industry wants that insight. Yeah, from that lawless confetti party. That’s Alteryx. The Irvine-based company is a twenty-year-long overnight sensation. It’s cured data’s degenerate ways, and delivers goodness straight to the masses, and is saving huge amounts of time and labor for everyone.

Data-driven systems do dictate our every day, but doesn’t need to dominate them. Derived from divergent sources it has always resisted all but the most laborious attempts to mash it together and peer deep inside. Now Alteryx makes that simple, fast, and even predictive. Alteryx “democratizes” data. Now data analytics is “self-serve,” regardless of where the goop comes from. “Data Babylon No Mo.”



party, people
The recalcitrant act-like-you-wanna curse of data is over. Regardless of source, data is now easily blended and plumed for the goodness it holds. The hideously complex has now been rendered drag-and-drop manageable.


(chiefly among Rastafarians) a contemptuous or dismissive term for aspects of a society seen as degenerate or oppressive, especially the police.

“praise them for bringing a new rectitude to Babylon”



lacking some property, order, or distinctness of structure previously or usually present.




peels and coffee grounds go in, whatever, and out comes blended cleansed data, ready to be analyzed.  Nice.  Alteryx is almost that good.  Who doesn’t love “democratized” date?  That is data that almost anyone can work with.  Alteryx is a mulcher.  Ram in an armload of decayed leaves, a string of Linux and a squirt of rum, and a PowerPoint twig.  All good–bam.  Out comes analysis for everyone, like a banquet.  That’s far from all.



AYX shares have soared in a straight line ever since  going public in 2017.  Shares have climbed 95.06% this year alone.  Now, for the first time, the stock’s offering a sane entry point.  We’re taking it, buying on the way down.  You can do better than we have right now.  AYX, -21.19% over the last 5 days.  Gross margin 91%, and $0.01 non-GAAP profitable, and more expensive than a new Benz.  Many very good things are expensive.  


Like we just said, Alteryx(AYX) is non-GAAP profitable, barely.  In it’s latest quarter AYX posted a $3.2 million loss or -$0.05sh GAAP.  However, non-GAAP, or adjusted, net income results were $0.9 million or $0.01sh., thereby utterly destroying the consensus estimate of -$0.06sh. loss.  And the market reaction?  Gooey love.



The rotation out of high-flying tech meet Alteryx on Monday the 9th. The skyfall was over 15% on volume of 4,933,900. That’s just under 4x the average 20-day volume is 1,315, 574.   Screenshot displays close on Tuesday the 10, -4.53%.


AYX provides the code-free ability to collect, blend, cleanse, analyze, and share data in a drag-and-drop format.  Analysis includes prdictive and testable outcomes.


Why not?  Full year guidance was also raised, from $355-$360, to $370-$375.  At it’s mid-point that represents a revenue growth rate of 47%.  This company went public in 2017.  This company’s bringing a service that makes all data useful, and manageable, by nearly anyone.



Alteryx dropped more than 15% on Monday as institutional money begin rotating into cyclicals and value. Cramer reminds us that rotations always create opportunities. Check that churning wake for your favorites, many now on sale. Think AYx, or NVCR. Thank Jim Cramer, the man who has done more for the individual investor than anyone in history. And the above image? Data is like falling leaves.  But now lit’s goodies ere there to be enjoyed far more easily, and by everyone.  Such revolutions don’t come everyday.  Really.


ability to collect, combine, and cleanse, data is seemingly revolutionary because it can be done with data from different sources and forms.  Management says 80% of companies analytic time is wasted in simply preparing data.  They eliminate that waste, and simplify the process allowing non-scientists to handle the work.  How?  The drag-and-drop format is code-free, thus allowing nearly anyone to manage, present, and deploy the results.


Further, their software provides predictive analytics that are testable.  Additionally it provides tools to collect and share findings in charts, reports, and dashboard display.  “Visualytics” allows the ability to verify data processing along each step of the curating process.



Operational efficiency.  That’s what Alteryx is selling.  Labor is the most expensive single element of most businesses and data lies at the heart of all.  Now anyone can quickly manage data, from everywhere and access and share its’ benefits. It’s self-service data analytics.


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Stoecker is Chariman and CEO, while Kevin Rubin is CFO.  Alteryx calls are a challenge to track.  As we’re new to the company our learning curve is steep.  Product names swirl and the terminology is new.


CEO Dean Stoecker led with a typical comment concerning a “strong quarter” and enjoying the “tailwinds.”  Our attention was piqued by the stunning list of new clients gained during the quarter.  Impressive is the word.  The list included General Dynamics, Salesforce, Raytheon, Viking Cruises, Netherlands-based IKEA, and L’Oreal.  


Stoecker commented on what the company believes to be their “less than 1% penetration” of their total addressable market(TAM.)  Intuit, American Airlines, and JPM also uses Alteryx.  The company currently operates in 80 countries, and is growing revenue at 59% year-over-year(y/y.)  They have $426 million in cash and 1076 “associates,” or employees.  They offered Q3 guidance on GAAP revenue of $88-$91 million.


The movement of big money always creates share price ripples.  Again, we’re seeing that now.  Institutional money’s moving from the over-priced defensive stocks–utilities, real estate, and staples, into the under-valued cyclicals, like banks.  Additionally, the shift is away from growth, like high-flying tech, and into value, which includes Ford.


Why go over this?  This shift explains the dramatic drop in Alteryx’s share price, thus providing the entry point we highlight now.  Rotations such as this create particularly large drops in such high-multiple stocks as Alteryx, and AYX is a very high multiple stock.



Alteryx Inc.(NYSE: AYX)

Chart, AYX, 9-12-19
Alteryx hasn’t ceased climbing since going public in 2017–until now. Investors receive opportunities when they do. We feel this is one. AYX has dropped -21.19% over the last 5 days, all rotation-driven. It’s fundamentals are as strong as ever, as are its’ prospects even in a slowing economy. Such secular growth companies do not need a strong economy to thrive.


is all about the digital transformation sweeping absolutely every industry.  Efficiency improves productivity and that increases profit.  What’s not to love?  Data is king and analytics of said has been handled on paper, or very laboriously, for decades.  Think Microsoft Excel for example.  This company is about operational efficiency, by making it easy to harvest the goodness hiding in the data.


Take a look.  The aggregating and analytics screens are simple to read; waves, circles, drag-and-drop, etc.  The idea is to make it understandable, and usable.   Alteryx does that.

Alteryx “Inspire 2019.”


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    1. AYX has certainly struck a chord with some major players–General Dynamics, JPM included, and investors. While the near term looks difficult for all, their future looks bright. Thanks Fitz.


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