From 0 to More. What 0% Means For You.

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bone-simple. Leverage assets over time. A pair of active ingredients are required. An asset and time. Now this sweet little goodie kit’s all tied up in a big bow for you. Nice. All you do is make it pay. That’s why we’re talking about it.


Example one. This bustling holiday season consider Amazon. The site. Besides shopping from home, they’ll give you 2% just for having a heartbeat.(Correction–this original statement is inaccurate. We attempted to track this back down with Amazon staff. No 2%–our mistake). We did however get a tidy $10 buck kicker just for loading $100 on to an Amazon gift card. And? And bring that together with a card.

Think credit cards. If you sign up for JPM’s “Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature” card, they’ll pay you 5% cash back for using everything you buy at Amazon. Amazon offers over 200 million items. Walmart offers 2 million. Yet there’s even more fun with cards. Big fun.


Still thinking cards.  Got student debt, a car loan, a mortgage, or interest-bearing credit card debt? Wonderful. You can kill some of that. Or instead, you could create some fall-back liquidity, or even a sparkling new appreciating asset. How about a chunk of 5% dividend-paying stock? And you can do so for nothing but being smart. “From 0 to More. What 0% Means for You.”


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You get one shot. Life’s weird that way. Living in the moment while arranging for later is a group of skills built on insight and action. “Money isn’t everything” was never the issue. Yet almost everything requires it. The world is big and time won’t wait. Never wait on or be detoured by those who don’t get it.  Dinner on the Seine, Paris.


one escapes criticism or brute resentment.  Fact.  Money’s often at the center of that.  Election time’s a prime example.  We embrace the freedom disdain provides.  You can too.  Say something politically hideous this season.  Why not, it’s the holidays?  Live a little.  We do, when pushed.  Here’s one.  Resentment’s in the air.  Inequality’s the issue.  Here’s the hideous part.  Complaining won’t create helpful assets.  But action will.



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Dusk falling over the spires on the Ile de la Cite. The right 0 card, handled the right way, can put you on the right bank, or where ever you like. Really. Check your credit score and see what you can do. We are. We’ve worked for years to achieve our scores, and we’ve made that work pay.


cash for free’s like fresh air.  It’s like music in springtime, a blossom-adorned dusk.  Think the Ile de la Cite.  Along such a walk would you pull up short at a sign reading “Free money for a year?”  Of course you would–we would and do.  Now’s your time because free money over time is dangling everywhere.


You’ve heard it a million times.  Time is money.  More immediately, free money over time is opportunity.  Got a car payment?  A mortgage?  Do you have student loans or interest-bearing credit card debt?  Or as we do, do you simply realize that free money can be invested?  It can create liquidity.  That’s always wonderful.


Low interest rates stink for income investors, but they’re gold to those willing to organize a bit.  Credit cards can be a gateway to glorious more.  Have you ever paid interest on a card?  How about a bit of get back?  When card issuers offer you 0% introductory APR for 12, or even 15 months, they’re providing an asset.  Here’s exactly how you can use it on any of the above.


1.  Find Your Offer

Many sites such as specialize in credit cards, their benefits and offers.  Check your card issuers for their latest offers.  Many exits now, as banks are beating the bushes for anyone willing to get on board.  Why?  Card issuers such as Capital One and Chase are paid when their cards are used for purchases.  Secondly, they realize that the vast majority of people routinely “maintain” a balance of their credit card, or cards.  We do not ever, unless it’s 0%.


2.  Do the Math.

Many 0%APY offers now are for 12 months, some like Chase are 15.  Do the math and create a cushion.  The amount you can leverage should total only an amount equaling 3/4s of the offer’s duration–9 months on a 12 month, or 11 on a 15.  Things happen.  A margin of safety will serve you well.  Avoiding problems is infinitely easier than attempting to fix said.


3.  Spend Strategically

For simplicity’s sake we’ll use $1000.00 as our example.  Determine your monthly discretionary amount.  Could you save $100-$200 a month?  If so you’re in business.  Simply use your new 0% APY for 12 month offer to pay your normal living expenses.  It’s critical to spend as you do normally–expenses, not extras.  Meanwhile, save your cash.  Save what you would normally be spending.




We use the bank’s dime constantly. The routine things go on the card–that’s it. Gas, groceries, Amazon, bills, etc. Amsass all the cash normally directed to those. Pay off interest-bearing cards, or a car loan, or PO mortgage payment, student loan, or invest it.


normal monthly living expenses to a 0% card.  Save the cash you’d normally use to cover those expenses.  Do this until you reach a total you can comfortably pay back in equal monthly payments provided by the card offer.



Time is the issue.  Card issuers are freely offering you their cash over time.  The combination will work for you.  This strategy allows you to gain at least 10 months worth of monetary value for nothing.  If used to make “principal only” mortgage payments you gain infinitely more.




As many people know, mortgages are all interest up front, declining to almost none in the latter years.  That means “principal only” payments massively multiply your money’s punching power in the early years.  The very early payments are 99% interest.  A principal only payment is the opposite, or 100% principal.  When you’re moving from 1% principal reduction to 100% you’re increasing your financial benefit by 9900%.  Really.  From 1% to 2% = 100% increase.  You get it.


By making a lump sun PO mortgage payment you permanently shorten the length of your loan.  Secondly, the earlier you are in the amortization arc, the more interest you dodge.  We’ve done this repeatedly, more than doubling the punching power of our payments.  We’ve done this to the point we’re now paying very little interest on our small balance.




Grasping the dynamics of credit is easy. Never pay interest. Use them to build your credit. Credit is mandatory, if you ever want a car, a home, a job. Credit scores are now routinely part of job applications. Fact. Credit cards create flexibility and opportunities, and can help you maintain liquidity. But all of this depends on using them as a tool, not becoming a tool of the bank.


money for a year or more is an asset.  What you do with it is up to you.  Building in a cushion is mandatory.  The occurrence of the “unexpected” is perfectly predictable.  Some form of the unpredicted is guaranteed.  Having sufficient disposable monthly income is required.  Why do this at all?


Investing means time.  0% APR for a year or more gives you that, on the bank’s dime.  Saving alone means you get the nut by years end.  0% now means you get both the nut and the time.  Simple as that.  You just gained nearly a years’ growth, saved interest charges, or liquidity.  And you did it by simply being savvy.



Assets are created not found.  That’s true except when talking about 0% interest offers.  Creating a better position for you and your loved ones usually happens in degrees, over time, edge by edge.  Saving’s like earning.  Saving takes quite another step when using it to create an appreciating asset.  Shout out to a really sweet woman who knows crypto, and seems to love animals.  Thanks so much for the likes.  Your likes are water to the well.  As always good luck and good investing.  





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The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa


Amazon card
The killer Amazon Prime Rewards Visa. Use this to load money on your Amazon gift card for a net 7% cash bonus. 5% cash back for Amazon purchases, and another 2% for loading funds on to your Gift Card. Some many offers are pure ka ka. This one’s real.


Click the “Cash Back” option for the above card specifics.



The Investing Journey

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Images sourced from Pixabay. is simply amazing–a sprawling compendium of joy.  Thank you Pixabay.  If you also know love and use Pixabay’s lavish resource, please take time to donate to them at  We do, truly.

Additional resources:  Seriously Wonderful.  Fact.
Charles Schwab.  In Our Opinion, the best broker going.
Be careful.  Do the work.  Have patience, with yourself.  Never put your dreams away.

Dollars Are Employees. We Make Them Work. Slack Dollars Reborn Busy. STOCKjAW helps You make the dollars you worked for work back. Do it simple and streamlined. Or do it Full-Bore. Stocks, ETFs, and more. It's Your cash. Sj helps you point it in the correct direction.

2 thoughts on “From 0 to More. What 0% Means For You.

  1. Loved it! You did a piece similar to this a year or so ago. This one was even more fun to read!
    I’m thinkin you probably remember that my dad wrote a small book back in 1973 that suggested readers to “Maximize the monthly purchases on a minimum number of cards while pushing the payment due date as far ahead as possible” He also suggested staggering the due dates, which you can ask for specifically when you order your new card, allowing you to extend the time line even farther out. It’s a bit tricky but by using cards only during a certain period you can get money for free for longer. ALWAYS pay them off in full, not when you get the bill but a couple days before it’s due. 🙂 Free money is good. OPM=other peoples money.
    “Credit cards are beautiful, so use a few and play them well.” Very nice work to my friends at Stockjaw! Happy holidays! don’t forget to use your 0% card, after al,l tomorrow is black Friday!


    1. Nice, very nice. That’s shrewd credit management. Any interest-bearing card is always best paid off each month. But the beauty of 0% for 12, 15, or longer is the time. Thanks again. Sj


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