Ass Armor. MasterCard.

APRIL 11, 2020. Summer’s right around the corner. Warm weather always brings out a filthy wave of muggers, a group blithely unconcerned by social distancing. But why worry? That’s yet another benefit of plastic. It armors your ass.
Over the past six fugly months the financials have backed up more than all others, a nasty 16.3% slap in the face. Of the 23 big ones we track only four are up. How about the cards? American Express down 16%, Capital One -28.7%, Discover cut in half, -46%.
Meanwhile the leaders MasterCard and Visa have given up only 2.36%, and 0.1%. And? Over the past 5 days the financials have been ripping it up; Capital One +44.4%, Discover +43.4%. Three of the top five best performers among the financials are cards. But that’s only one reason we’re thinking financial heavy weights, such as Mastercard. Another is that it’s financial infrastructure. Get some “Ass Armor. Mastercard.” Continue reading Ass Armor. MasterCard.

Dare it is. CapitalOne

DECEMBER 21, 2019. Dumpster diving defensive plays for bargains now is a fruitless folly. But we want a bargain. “You know what a bargain is? Buying nothing” David Faber. Well, that’s actually called saving. Is it time to save?
Always, and it’s also time for value. Can you smell the building rotation? It’s back to growth yo, soon. Think 266,000 November jobs and repeat all-time highs for all three indexes. Smell it now? The savvy never argue with jobs, rotations, or real bargains. Know any? Capital One?
Over three months we’ve witnessed the financials transform from a gaggle of dopey nappers into shimmering stars. Yup. Bam. Institutional money squirts like that. Witness the big banks. Jamie’s JPM used to sell for 1.6x book–buying with both hands yo. Now it cool-glides somewhere above the clouds in a hushed grace, all a fatter 1.84x book. Up 16%–three quick months.
And others? Skank of America? Better back up. BAC; up 17.7%, three rolled months. Only the hooks of a claw hammer rakes our wallet out for BAC’s price now. Even the still grab-asstic criminal stage coach known as Wells Fargo has creaked forward 9.8%. Wells is now more expensive than enticing. We know. We’re still attempting to hatch a pile.
Once bargains roar they’re no longer bargains. A few become parables, while the rest simply become pricey. Any rotation-driven move up creates a bit of multiple expansion. That’s unless company fundamentals also improve. Most don’t. All up moves have only so much gas. All that’s where we’re at with Capital One. COF is now one of the top 10 largest lenders in the U.S., and has more than 520 bank branches, mainly in the east. Bank deposits mean better funding, and more security. It’s not just a card dealer. It’s up. It’s value, and it pays. Is that enough? STOCKjAW looks deep to see…”Dare it is. Capital One.” Continue reading Dare it is. CapitalOne

Oops…Somebody’s Thinking.

JULY 21, 2019. Savvy people have no “betters.” They realize complaining accomplishes Fa King nothing. Savvy people only do so after the work is done, and just for fun. Shaking the robbers off of your money is like soaking the sump pump stink out of old shoes.
Wall Street’s job is to lie and steal, concoct and on occasion create, a moment you can actually use. No sump pump on the planet’s strong enough to suck that stink out of Wall Street. No juke you can throw will fully dodge their busy hands.
However, you can keep things relatively fair when it comes to your retirement and investments.
No one-time fix exists. It’s more about containment, while creating your own good. “Oops…Somebody’s Thinking.” Nice. Continue reading Oops…Somebody’s Thinking.

JPM Beaten Like a Brexit Goat. “But Still All Good–For Now.”

JUNE 27, 2019. Alexander Bell wasn’t thinking banking when he unwound some wire to create a connection. Quaint it seems now, the notion of telephones for talking.  Who talks?  Phones are for textual grunts, photos, useless apps, and moving money.  Nothing stays the same, and caring just gets in the way.  That’s why there are museums. That’s also like our big, old, banks.  Soon they will need parks, just like dinosaurs, for those who wish to remember.
Moving money used to be hard, and physical.  Slow and expensive marred the experience while Western Union provided the piratical pricing.  Western Union increasingly looks like Xerox, a company looking for a future.  It’s about to get much worse for them.
JPM is far more than either of those dinos, and more then a money mover.  But who cares?
Many would say JPM is the best at what it does  However some of what it does is caught in a costly change, and under pressure.  Should you want any? Commissioner Gordon could be about to hard-beam the Bat Signal over big banking. Continue reading JPM Beaten Like a Brexit Goat. “But Still All Good–For Now.”

Service Sector Smilin’. That Wallet-Pryin’ Fun.

FEBRUARY 19, 2019. Being treated with “Elite” status feels up-lifting, like a warm oily ass massage. And that’s precisely what it is. It’s just business. Well, of course it is. Neither your doorman or your waiter with your spoon love you.
In this world you will receive wedding “invitations” to be a”guest” with you paying the entire nut, and for the gift that absolutely everyone will see and judge. 2K later you wonder what kind of person calls you their “friend” and “invites” you to be “their guest” at a resort on the opposite coast. The wedding industry established that absurdity. That’s all just service sector speak, coast to coast.
Often, very smart people direct very clever and chic businesses. That includes many financial services “firms” flogging frozen dog scat they refer to as “retirement planning.”
Such people intimately know how to open your wallet effortlessly. No crowbar required. That’s their dollar snugged into your wallet. They do this magic like a stone pro, and they are. You are the wallet-flower they cooz into bloom. Next and without exactly realizing it, you’re burning for that honey love. It’s all good. Play along and enjoy. You’re payin’ for it. It’s just “Service Sector Smilin’. That Wallet-Pryin’ Fun.” Continue reading Service Sector Smilin’. That Wallet-Pryin’ Fun.

Here Comes The Good Stuff. 4K More Than Before.

FEBRUARY 16, 2019. Habits create your reality. That tidal power is always at play. What do yours say? Do they pay? They can.
Find your way into your own pay line. Be there every time. No hand of heaven will reach down to slip you in. It’s on you–always has been. It’s your money, unless you deal it out. There’s no secret here, only choice. This one you can definitely do, now. It will dramatically transform your life. We live in a different world now. And so can you. Here’s what our new world looks like, and how to get there.
Continue reading Here Comes The Good Stuff. 4K More Than Before.

Equifax Man. Steal It. Sell It.

JANUARY 26, 2019. What’s not to love? Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all high-jacked your data, regularly flog it to whomever they please, refuse you a slice, make you beg or pay for access, and then in Equifax’s case lose it. Where does that leave you? STOCKJAW takes a look.
Identity thieves, drug cartels, and the mob all behave in the above manner. After creating the problem, the credit cartels now want to sell you the “solution.” Sound familiar? Speaking solely for ourselves, we want some pay-back. But how? Can we make them work for us? They deal in your sensitive data, but can’t promise to keep it safe, even from their own bungling. Perhaps they can provide some safety from other thieves. In varying ways they’ve provided a process. Here’s precisely how. Continue reading Equifax Man. Steal It. Sell It.

America The Targeted.

JANUARY 1, 2019. American innovation did not fall complete from heaven in a Ziploc. It’s American ingenuity and ingenuity isn’t free. So called “forced technology transfer” is neither free or trade. It’s Fa King theft. No level playing field exists internationally, nor will any soon–if ever. Some say that “no one wins in a trade war.” Really? Such nonsense can only come from the uninvolved. The real question is how much brute and outright theft does it take before the U.S. acts? Don’t look to the WTO or the EU for any help.
China has no intention of engaging in fair trade. Really? It’s no surprise to anyone who reads us, that we harbor zero respect for The Economist’s bent globalist agenda. They don’t hide that. They call it “advocacy journalism.” Thus, no confusion remains when even The Economist admits the Chinese are cheats, liars, and thieves.
We can hear it now. “Chauvinism.” A Google search defines chauvinism as “exaggerated or aggressive patriotism.” Such terms are largely subjective. What we do know is that years ago Google told the Chinese apparatus to go screw itself and promptly vacated the country. That was over censorship. How can America ever trust a system that’s systemically dishonest with it’s own people? Continue reading America The Targeted.

Eclipse of the JPMorgansons? Paypal’s Digital Wave.

AUGUST 15, 2018. No one hides. Don’t turn your back. P2P is only the edge. That glistening cutter-fin circling the water is mobile. You got a phone? You run a POS? Every “point-of-sale” is fresh game. Ask Paypal. Or just listen right inside management’s Q2 huddle. Dazzling, and yet ringing in our ears.
Making sense of where to invest in the financials is easy. It’s a three-way. Goldman, JPM and the old guard, the cards, or fintech. The financials’ future is written on the wall. So are the numbers, and charts. We lined it up. You decide. Continue reading Eclipse of the JPMorgansons? Paypal’s Digital Wave.

Come Fly With Us.

FEBRUARY 11, 2018. They’re back. Just in time for ax season. The EquiClowns refuse to fully vanish from the footlights of financial farce. But you knew this was coming, as did we. #s are revised. And fraud #s are as a rule revised upward.

No. It’s not magnitude here, not this time. The fun facts hare involve what we now know they lost. What else could they lose? Done your taxes? Continue reading Come Fly With Us.