The Damned And The Indicative

APRIL 18, 2018. Investing tools themselves do not determine share direction. Before the chorus of “duhs” consider that reality. Twitter as a stock remains today in technical trouble. Technicians called a “double top,” that classic of classics bearish sign, and any glance at the chart reveals a MACD heading down the basement stairs.
Yet TWTR’s fundamentals are both strong and strengthening. Therein lies the analytical rub. Two schools of conflicting indicators and one stock. As Facebook rotates in a sweat on the public spit, SNAP struggles to flog its’ widely hated redesign.
Meanwhile, investors straddle some misty middle ground clutching a bag of savagely mixed messages.
Can a baby bird be trusted for another ride higher?
Welcome to the Valley of Social Funked. Here TWTR direction signs point in both directions.

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Up Up And More Up.

APRIL 12, 2018. Since our inception the Earth has orbited our star one complete time. Wow. While considering our precise direction we’ve kept one thing in mind. Only complete circuits carry a jolt. That’s our job and we need you.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You make it worthwhile. Thank You.

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Jumping For Joy. Your New Wins Now. We’ve Got ‘EM. Sure-Fire Easy.

APRIL 6, 2018. Anyone tired on this lie-detector market? Up and down like some front-loading washing machine. We do not feel any cleaner nor amused. But what can one do?
Troubled times attack our spirits. They rob us of emotional momentum. Little, yet meaningful, wins along the way can make all the difference in both how you feel, and your results.
Have you found a solid dividend play yet? Would you buy a good stock with a 19.5% dividend? Paying credit card debt off is the same. Forget the chaos. That’s a financial win for you every, and any day. Like that? We have more.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

APRIL 2, 2018. Full-blown mysteries routinely linger inches away, just a breath away. The strange exists just on the opposite side of any wall. No? Ever found out that your upstairs neighbor’s condo is filled with pizza boxes? Did you understand? Right.
That’s a mystery. Ever seen an ice shove eat a house like army ants? That looks a whole lot like this–a thundering bull market tsunamied by trade war fears, Tweets, and a squalling newborn Cold War.
But Lockheed’s here, as they were then. Think Skunk Works. In 1954 Lockheed learned of a new USAF aircraft design contest. Reconnissance requires flying high, beyond the reach of Soviet AK-17s and radar. Without a whisper, Lockheed simply offered a new unsolicited design. That design won, and that aircraft flew higher then anything on Earth.

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STOCkJAW Salute To Readers. You Make It Real.

MARCH 4, 2018. Question any individual investor about the decision making process. Many may very well tell you–it’s a lonely business, particularly when the sky falls. We understand. At Stockjaw our purpose is two-fold. Executing the rigor of good investing, and connecting with you. Together we are infinitely stronger than separately. We salute you and your rigor. We’re busy thanking many of you specifically. Congrats and thank you for thrilling us with your Likes, follows, and readership. Prepare for everything good. A new day is at hand.

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The Water’s Fine. Is That A Discharge Hatch? Oops.. Being In The Wrong Place Sucks, Or Blows. Bonds And Dams Do Both.

MARCH 2, 2018. As investors our job is to adapt and overcome. Go lights fade to caution. Job One is locating our new leading landmarks. You know those-rates and inflation. Both seem over-hyped. Human error as risk ranks much higher. Squirrelly fellow shareholders also present a much larger temporary risk.
We’re looking always, and relaxing. Accept yesterday, and volatility. Pretend it’s all just a little breeze in the Keys.

Waves call for relaxed balance and patience. How hard is that? Got a better plan? For us all this means market-spotting. Enjoy. Got a better plan? What’s a G Bike? Is that smoke coming from your portfolio?

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