Shock Wavin. Verizon And United Health Battle Concussion Waves.

DECEMBER 11, 2018. Poseidon ruled beneath the waves. It was much calmer below. Peace ruled but breathing came in gulps. Positive price-action is now much like a gulp, when there is any. We would settle for a slice of stability. Got any?
Markets are in correction pain mode and relentlessly technical. “Fundamentals” you say? Fundamentals are not driving. Vast swaths of stocks with good fundamentals now struggle beneath concussive waves of their descending moving averages. Little breathing occurs that far down. And what about fortress companies such as United Health and Verizon? Bulwarks both.
Yet keep the following in mind. On-going instability and down-trending volatility are this market’s rule. STOCKjAW snorkels the depths on two of our strongest survivors. Even these stars are in a very wavy way.

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Wheaton Precious Metals UPDATE

DECEMBER 10, 2018. Gold titillates in the best of times, and more so in the worst. Neither describes current murky market reality. Yet, gold’s on the minds of investors.
Vancouver-based Wheaton Precious Metals is a derivative play on this pricey commodity. Yet is it a buy? Attempting to refine that picture, STOCKjAW updates yesterday’s piece on Wheaton. WPM, the rest of the story.

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Felony Gold?

DECEMBER 9, 2018. Going ga ga over gold hasn’t paid off for decades. This precious metal’s spot price has been planted in cement. Can it be played from the side? Vancouver-based Wheaton Precious Metals lives on the hope. Should you?
Smart people will assure you that gold is a “safe haven.” “Gold’s gold.”
Any and everyday many people will confirm that a cataclysm is coming. Economic breakdown hunkers just past the next price-action crack. Maybe.
Gold’s allure seems eternally magical. Exposure to the commodity can be direct, through ETFs, or derivative. Wheaton employs a business model that leaves mining risk to others. How is that working now? And how can any model outperform when the underlying commodity price has been locked beneath permafrost? STOCKjAW takes a closer look.

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Inverted. Can United Health or Boeing Float Through This?

DECEMBER 7, 2018. The view is different upside-down. You’ll hear then say that about the “inverted yield curve” Is that real? What’s it do just before the end?
The dreaded curve yielded on Tuesday. But this one was the twos and fives. That’s kid stuff, but look what happened. Smart people say an inversion of twos and tens spells doom, the equity death dirge. We’re close, very close. We don’t know if anything lives through that. But aren’t inversions like volcanoes? They may huff but they don’t always go off.
Meanwhile, United Health and Boeing battle along with the rest. How are two towering leaders doing amid a very busy brutal mix? Do you trust them still? STOCKjAW takes an informative technical look.

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In Is Good. Out Is Good. Too Much Leads To Blindness.

DECEMBER 3, 2018. Powell’s an artist, a fore-runner. Rookie fed chairs aren’t supposed to electrify. Yet Jerome’s a Star now and rates will rotate around him like a constellation of glistening divinity. Who knew? Are we really “not far” from O.K.? Whatever.
Good news. If you’re in or if you’re thin, we’ve got reasons for you to congratulate yourself.
Like a famous German doctor, Powell administered some essential life juice. The moribund equity market sat bolt upright and roared.
But what about you? Wednesday’s rally brought all sectors to life, investors invested party-hat style, and growth looked good. Nice. Again, whatever.
Are you long-term? Did you hit the exit in October? Should you love your way back in now?
Dead cat bounces and relief rallies don’t spell “BUY” to us. We want more before we show our money. Yet, Verizon went on sale yesterday.

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Fabulous Values. Glamorous Prizes. QuikClot Anyone?

NOVEMBER 27, 2018. How cheap is cheap, and how much might that cost you in the end? Buying cheap in a tumbling market may mean “bring QuikClot.” Cheap can be a funky dead money pit. Those are known as “value traps.” We have a prime example, maybe four.
Diversification ranks as the only free lunch and everything else costs. Prices vary but actual “value” varies more. Nature provides in the summer and takes away in the winter. Bulls provide while they run and value calls when they stumble, or are tripped.
Are low price-to-earnings multiples, or flouncy dividends, reasons to buy? STOCKjAw swivels a spotlight on value now.

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Valuation Fun With Peg And P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”

NOVEMBER 25, 2018. Go ahead. Jerk the O-ring on any Chatty money manager. What comes out? “Valuation.” That’s right. What’s it worth now, after the splintering market-wide mud slide.
Obsessions come in every form and some are healthy. We have two, or actually one, with two TRUE faces.
Maybe, possibly, this bull’s not dead. But it’s no longer moving. Wave goodbye.
Those glorious bag-ramming gains of a happy mile-wide market have popped. Think soap bubble. Gains will not tumble forth in twin-fisted flurries. Late has darkened to later. Gains will hide hard, in crumbs and invisible to many. Why?
Nine-year-old bulls do not rage. They amble.
What investors face now is a pure “technical” market. Translation? Only the few will prosper–both companies and investors. But how? Discipline and precision. Wanna win?
Don’t move without knowing. Wanna prosper?
Precisely pin the true current value of your equity candidates, and never over-pay. STOCKjAW shows the way.

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