Buy The Banks? How About A Grower? PYPL’s TEC-Ray Analysis.

JUNE 22, 2018. Trade war volatility will wave on. That means today, probably. But then, who knows? Waves bring sales and we’ve snagged three new positions during this disruption. What works, we’ll keep. Here’s one. Paypal.
Daily we see the financial shills recommending big banks. Right. Look at the new financials. Paypal’s not a baby, but an established player. They’re a payment processor at a technical turning point.

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– 287 South Dow. Sidewalk Sale Or Trade War Bomb?

JUNE 20, 2018. The stress filled the air and airwaves on Tuesday. Our major indexes all headed straight toward the floor from the open. Of course–trade fear. Market darlings were beaten mercilessly–like Boeing. We left on Monday at $353. We think BA’s headed further down and we have the chart to demonstrate.
But yesterday brought almost everything down, except Amazon. AMZN went up right in the downturn’s face. It will again. Did you find any gems in the wreckage? We did. And here they are.

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Descending Boeing. Why?

JUNE 17, 2018. We should have trusted our instincts. Yet the line between obvious buys and mindless chasing can be faint. It’s Boeing for god’s sake. What could go wrong? Tariffs–yes. Let’s see–a steady industrial goes stratospheric–with dazzling charts to support it still. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Ah, stoic fundamentalists.
Despite its’ soaring technical strength, Boeing’s price action is wingtipped earthward. That’s when we chased. It’s a wingdip. Right–a dip, but no wing yet. Isn’t there an award for blind driving and other dumbass activities? But is it chasing?
Now STOCKjAW probes the quite pedestrian price action of a stock accustomed to more rarefied air. Up or down, are you firmly buckled-in, or ready to deplane? On board for our in-flight safety check. This could just help you survive. We’re hoping so.

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Summer Money 2018. 11 Econ Snaps To Go .

MAY 22, 2018. Summer money’s happy, and hotter. It’s buttery and slippery and cheap. It spends like tax refunds.
Ask any perspiring parent parked in line at Universal Studios, Orlando. Who backs out after a death quest to the ticket window? Surrounded by a hopping gaggle of expectant family members, you’ll pay. Heat you up, and you’ll pay. Cash works better at times, if you can carry enough.
Summer’s unique. Makes sense. It’s a heady mix of light, warmth, and fun. Soon you will face that seasonal vortex of fun. Bam. That’s summer thinking–and summer money. 11 econ snaps to go. With this constellation of large-picture econ snaps you’ll know precisely where you stand all summer long. The fed funds rate will go up again in June. Thongs please.

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Options? Beer And A Blindfold With That Traffic? Bone Up Before Crush Hour.

MAY 11, 2018. Investing is a crazy chair parked in traffic. Traffic’s heavy all round; rates, inflation, sullen shareholders, inscrutable Chinese trade dancing. Nuts. Risk is bouncing about like a mad football. Chasing gains or reducing risk, investors encounter options, like Bomb pops from a truck window. Some buy calls instead of stock. Some buy puts as downside “insurance.” Some sell calls for income.
The options guys are amazing. They make it look and sound like nickles make dollars daily. For five cents you’ll make $1sh. in two weeks, even if the stock vanishes from the index.
Options are complex creatures. Many moves exist and they call them “strategies.” “Collars,” “straddles,” “strangles,” “hedges.” Right. Some are structured in groups.
Here are the basic four “derivatives” we know as “options,” along with some rules. You decide. It’s your call.

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6-Tool Market Master Kit. Get it. Otherwise You’re Just Sitting In The Dark.

MAY 8, 2018. The drama of daily market action flickers like some bizarre art film. Tells spill out of the screen by the second. The crowd gasps. Have you ever wondered what other investors are keying on?
Precisely. Others know something we don’t. Not knowing is rarely good.
That’s why we wiped the slate clean and filled the marquee with fact. Here is your 6 Tool Market Master Kit. With these 6 keys, Market Matinee Triumph is yours. Never wonder again what you’re supposed to be seeing or looking for. Now you know. After that we can focus on why. When the house crackles with fire, and you’re parked in the living room, do you really give a shit why? Time for that when it stops raining fire.

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