Nobody Calls This. Nobody Knows.

February 6, 2018. 4:34 AM. On Monday U.S. markets featured fear, algorithm maddness, and the largest intraday drop in history. This after tens of billions of long-idle cash crashed back into the market over the past 7 weeks. Retail investors jumped back in with abandon, just in time to catch a drop they normally hand out market-sickness bags for–just like on airplanes. While clutching our sick-bag yesterday, we bought price-slashed T. A trailing P/E of 8, with a 5.4% dividend. Guess what? Bet that play works. And on deck today?

M o r e selling pressure.
Guess what hordes of those just-back-in investors will do today? We will not be among them. Nor should you. We’re not here to kill our bull. We’ve smelled metallic before.

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Are You Rich? So Which Answer You Wanna The Quality Of Your Life Depends On Your Answer.

February 4, 2018. America loves and hates rich and powerful. The last year proved that. Either way, what’s “Rich?” Islands are perfect symbols of “posh.” Private tropical islands with personal airports are emblems of Super Rich. And Fat Henry, Henry VIII, only had fruit in season. Land travel sucked. Forget dental–and he was English. Henry was rich and if you asked him he’d have told you he was sweet FA rich. But really, would you trade with him? O.K. Let’s float that first question again.

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