Gimme Shelter. Stocks For This Storm.

AUGUST 17, 2019. Civil safety messaging is mostly about releasing dire information “appropriately. Never panic people.” That includes bridge collapses and raging epidemics. Never mind the yawning gap or the bodies. And GE may be another Enron fraud, but it’s “inappropriate” to say so. Panic’s destructive in it’s own right, but the clear truth helps, if you can get any in time.
Here’s some. The storm’s upon us, parked and churning. Our economic globe’s spinning more slowly now, and the trade bomb’s going off slow-motion style. Gimme shelter. It exists, if you look.
Meanwhile even keen people confuse trade friction with overarching reality; a mud fight for global influence and economic predominance.
This cultural slipknot around our prosperity isn’t about to loosen.
Years of exasperating trade talks with the multiplicity of Japanese “faces” ended only in fruitless exhaustion. They never truly opened their markets. Japan yet lives in an endless recession.
Global slowing, fed fumbling, and the tariff tilt are boring a hole in confidence.  That trade face-off that once seemed so sensible now spins with much darker import.  Many are now playing not to lose, and offering stock picks accordingly.  We look inside those picks.  It’s not that complicated, when you actually do the looking.  “Gimme Shelter. Stocks For This Storm.”

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Amazon. Simply Amazing.

JUNE 9, 2019. Who else compels massive companies to adapt, to create new types of positions, by the hundreds?  Who else dispatches teams to widely roam rural routes and residential neighborhoods on irregular and ever-shifting schedules?  Who else’s reach is so extreme that your arrow package swooshes in on a quiet Sunday evening, a day after launching that order?
Of course.  It’s Amazon.  If you ask, they’ll even place it in your trunk, while you’re parked at work.  Really.
Anti-trust?  Near total trust.  We tell Amazon what we want. Indirectly we are telling Amazon what we want them to be, or they know so already, before we ask.  Amazon simply looks, listens, mobilizes, and fulfills, better than anyone in history.  And as investors, when angry waves rock our days, our hopes, we want a big ship, or a star, to punch through.  Of course it’s Amazon.  Name one reason why it wouldn’t be.

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Stock Summer. Moving Through.

MAY 30, 2019. Summer comes.  The heat boils up your neck and beads down your back, and then it’s over.  Once again days shorten.  Again we miss the blazing light and glance quickly back wondering  where it all went.  A perspective falls naturally into place.
Summers don’t come off a rack.  They are not stock.  Each is unique, in its’ own way.  Patterns shift.  Yet each year we stare past a sunglass and feel a solidarity with others–people we don’t know, yet sense a unity with in this thing we know as life, and heat, and prolonged unfolding.  Amen to that, because together we’re at our strongest. That’s one thing that brings us to this page.
Stocks are only part of our days.  But we love it–honestly we do, or we wouldn’t bother.  You’ve heard it before “Sell in May and go away.”  Summer action is a slower, even sleepy time, traditionally.  Many money managers actually go on vacation.   Funds go on auto-pilot.  The French abandon their desks.  They flee a heated Paris for a month and live.  God knows the Italians do.  They understand.  Perhaps there’s a clue here, for us, concerning stocks, and a sweaty stressed stupid market, in need of a flighty butterfly heart.  It’s summertime.

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Equifax Man. Steal It. Sell It.

JANUARY 26, 2019. What’s not to love? Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all high-jacked your data, regularly flog it to whomever they please, refuse you a slice, make you beg or pay for access, and then in Equifax’s case lose it. Where does that leave you? STOCKJAW takes a look.
Identity thieves, drug cartels, and the mob all behave in the above manner. After creating the problem, the credit cartels now want to sell you the “solution.” Sound familiar? Speaking solely for ourselves, we want some pay-back. But how? Can we make them work for us? They deal in your sensitive data, but can’t promise to keep it safe, even from their own bungling. Perhaps they can provide some safety from other thieves. In varying ways they’ve provided a process. Here’s precisely how.

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Summer Money 2018. 11 Econ Snaps To Go .

MAY 22, 2018. Summer money’s happy, and hotter. It’s buttery and slippery and cheap. It spends like tax refunds.
Ask any perspiring parent parked in line at Universal Studios, Orlando. Who backs out after a death quest to the ticket window? Surrounded by a hopping gaggle of expectant family members, you’ll pay. Heat you up, and you’ll pay. Cash works better at times, if you can carry enough.
Summer’s unique. Makes sense. It’s a heady mix of light, warmth, and fun. Soon you will face that seasonal vortex of fun. Bam. That’s summer thinking–and summer money. 11 econ snaps to go. With this constellation of large-picture econ snaps you’ll know precisely where you stand all summer long. The fed funds rate will go up again in June. Thongs please.

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Top 10 Block Heads 2017

Who buys a drug used by AIDs patients and raises the price 5000%? And what kinds of warnings are coming from the East Room? Keep in mind next political season. close-in questions can be Flash News. Who first steals your stuff, sells it endlessly, while charging you, and then? Unbelievable. Top 10 Block Head Moves of 2017.

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