6-Tool Market Master Kit. Get it. Otherwise You’re Just Sitting In The Dark.

MAY 8, 2018. The drama of daily market action flickers like some bizarre art film. Tells spill out of the screen by the second. The crowd gasps. Have you ever wondered what other investors are keying on?
Precisely. Others know something we don’t. Not knowing is rarely good.
That’s why we wiped the slate clean and filled the marquee with fact. Here is your 6 Tool Market Master Kit. With these 6 keys, Market Matinee Triumph is yours. Never wonder again what you’re supposed to be seeing or looking for. Now you know. After that we can focus on why. When the house crackles with fire, and you’re parked in the living room, do you really give a shit why? Time for that when it stops raining fire.

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3 Stock Winners Now. Flickering Flames of Proven Safety & Growth. Ask Warren.

MAY 5, 2018. Vicious is a word we love in describing our markets. Banks blow out top and bottom lines and shareholders “boo” vociferously. It’s all thumbs-down blood mongering. Still think we’re in a bull market?
We’re looking for a SugarMama. We only love the best. Only secular growers need apply. Remember, defensive is mostly dead. Actual defense stocks are taking hits and giving back, but are well funded for the future.
Dividends alone will not save us from this vortex of geopolitical crazy. We want more. That’s American right?
Boeing owns the commercial airliner market–for at least the next 10 years, or forever. Will that work? Facebook and the Googler own digital ads. FB has an installed user base over 2 billion. How’s that? Oh, the feds? Not really a worry now.
How about the biggest company in history? Right. AAPL has more money than most countries. They measure it, rather then weigh it. And they’re busy shoving oodles of that cash directly into their share repurchase canon. That’s $100 billion dollars, with a “B” repurchase canon. And you can keep the dividend.

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The Damned And The Indicative

APRIL 18, 2018. Investing tools themselves do not determine share direction. Before the chorus of “duhs” consider that reality. Twitter as a stock remains today in technical trouble. Technicians called a “double top,” that classic of classics bearish sign, and any glance at the chart reveals a MACD heading down the basement stairs.
Yet TWTR’s fundamentals are both strong and strengthening. Therein lies the analytical rub. Two schools of conflicting indicators and one stock. As Facebook rotates in a sweat on the public spit, SNAP struggles to flog its’ widely hated redesign.
Meanwhile, investors straddle some misty middle ground clutching a bag of savagely mixed messages.
Can a baby bird be trusted for another ride higher?
Welcome to the Valley of Social Funked. Here TWTR direction signs point in both directions.

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Big Tools. Big Power. Big Saves.

APRIL 17, 2018. The investor tool crib packs more stuff than the Navy Seal weapons shop. Times couldn’t be better–what? That’s right. Never before have everyday investors such as ourselves had immediate access to so much prime research and analysis.
Nonetheless, investors typically inhabit one of three worlds. The industrious efforts to understand equities often leaves many investors in a blind corner. No? Can you tell up from down? We thought we could as well.
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Jump in with us as STOCKjAW seizes the Portfolio Power Tool that will change your mind. It changed ours. It will change yours, and save your precious money. What do you have to lose?

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