Amazon? Again? Now? Bird Talk.

JANUARY, 12, 2019. When equity markets are pulverized even the best and towering are blistered, like now. Money “rotates” from once craved growth to stunningly bland creepers called “defensive,” like now. When airborne macros are ingested by our economic turbines our equity markets are chopped like pigeon bits. That’s when the “lame” go fame. Food and utility names suddenly strut and glitter all over, while the red carpet is harshly jerked out from under real-deal growth. “Amazon” you say? Right, and Boeing too.
Investors behave much like app-driven hook-ups. Spangles blind and then the charm dims to a twenty-watt bulb. Maybe someone orders a pizza. “Bang” it’s all smoke and mess.
Many “investors” possess the stock staying power of a stadium wave. “Oops–gotta go.” No kiss. No middle finger. Nothing but ass-and-elbows.
Last year AMZN hit 2050.50. Now it’s 1640.56. That’s $410.06 cheaper. Do you think AMZN will ever read on fundamentals again–before it takes over the world? If so, now’s your time. Better hurry. Even fair-weather fans are beginning to notice. STOCKjAW gets technical, and fundamental.

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Starwood Trust. 9% Harbor or Comedic Goof?

DECEMBER 20, 2018. Gravity isn’t consistent–ask Albert. When the suck’s on, the market warps–like now. Who can escape market gravity? Amazon? No. Mr. Softie? No. Real estate trusts–Starwood Property Trust?
When growth dies dividends fly. How about 8.94%? Fries with that?
Powell’s back to his earlier antics, reading the economy from space. Life is very different on the ground. Jerome hiked yesterday and has two more in his big black Christmas bag.
The clatter you hear from above isn’t Santa. It’s your new fed head bringing coal. Is there a safe harbor anywhere, one with an outrageous dividend just for you? STOCKjAW unwraps Starwood Property Trust. Tis the season to be skeptical. But then, you may just wish for some. And then there’s CEO Berry Sternlicht. That’s passion, all caps.
(Cover photo:) Miami. Last year Starwood Property Trust entered the residential real estate market. The move comprises only a 2% slice of the company’s current loan book. That investment currently holds 15,000 low-income housing units in Florida.

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Holiday Moments With Mr. Softie

DECEMBER 16, 2018. looking for resilience in a turbulent market? Know this. Even the nearest and dearest are slugging it out with the down-suck.
As anti-trust talk swirls, not everyone is equally vulnerable. Remember Microsoft vs. the United States? Back in the ’80’s the feds turned the big guns on Mr. Softie. Facing an onslaught powered by bottomless federal cash, Mr. Softie smirked and swung up a middle finger. Is MSFT doing the same to the downturn? Cage matchs: AMZN vs. MSFT, MSFT vs. itself, and both vs. the market. Want some? Many do. Sj takes a look.

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Shock Wavin. Verizon And United Health Battle Concussion Waves.

DECEMBER 11, 2018. Poseidon ruled beneath the waves. It was much calmer below. Peace ruled but breathing came in gulps. Positive price-action is now much like a gulp, when there is any. We would settle for a slice of stability. Got any?
Markets are in correction pain mode and relentlessly technical. “Fundamentals” you say? Fundamentals are not driving. Vast swaths of stocks with good fundamentals now struggle beneath concussive waves of their descending moving averages. Little breathing occurs that far down. And what about fortress companies such as United Health and Verizon? Bulwarks both.
Yet keep the following in mind. On-going instability and down-trending volatility are this market’s rule. STOCKjAW snorkels the depths on two of our strongest survivors. Even these stars are in a very wavy way.

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Wheaton Precious Metals UPDATE

DECEMBER 10, 2018. Gold titillates in the best of times, and more so in the worst. Neither describes current murky market reality. Yet, gold’s on the minds of investors.
Vancouver-based Wheaton Precious Metals is a derivative play on this pricey commodity. Yet is it a buy? Attempting to refine that picture, STOCKjAW updates yesterday’s piece on Wheaton. WPM, the rest of the story.

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Felony Gold?

DECEMBER 9, 2018. Going ga ga over gold hasn’t paid off for decades. This precious metal’s spot price has been planted in cement. Can it be played from the side? Vancouver-based Wheaton Precious Metals lives on the hope. Should you?
Smart people will assure you that gold is a “safe haven.” “Gold’s gold.”
Any and everyday many people will confirm that a cataclysm is coming. Economic breakdown hunkers just past the next price-action crack. Maybe.
Gold’s allure seems eternally magical. Exposure to the commodity can be direct, through ETFs, or derivative. Wheaton employs a business model that leaves mining risk to others. How is that working now? And how can any model outperform when the underlying commodity price has been locked beneath permafrost? STOCKjAW takes a closer look.

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