High-Fives For The One Number That Creates Winners. How To Get It Right.

MARCH 8, 2018. Investing is a process. Are all steps of the process equal? What step may matter most in creating our winners? Think you can trust the numbers you see commonly displayed? You can’t. Five minutes and you can prove it to yourself.
We inhabit a world capable of returning solid rocket boosters back to Earth in pin-point landings, in unison. But we can’t guarantee accuracy in common financial data feeds. O.K. Adults in the room–mistakes are part of the game. Perfection is a myth and notions of perfection pernicious. You can’t take stock data at face value. Compare, and do the math. Know your #s, and know they’re right. Here’s perhaps the most important number in your kit. But you have to find it yourself, if you want a winner.

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STOCkJAW Salute To Readers. You Make It Real.

MARCH 4, 2018. Question any individual investor about the decision making process. Many may very well tell you–it’s a lonely business, particularly when the sky falls. We understand. At Stockjaw our purpose is two-fold. Executing the rigor of good investing, and connecting with you. Together we are infinitely stronger than separately. We salute you and your rigor. We’re busy thanking many of you specifically. Congrats and thank you for thrilling us with your Likes, follows, and readership. Prepare for everything good. A new day is at hand.

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Investor Stress Test. Having Fun Yet?

FEBRUARY 10, 2018. Remember the long-out money that finally came creeping back late last year? Trial by fire, flame-thrower really. New money floated in swarms to market homes, following endless empty years in the wilderness. Our market promptly exploded. One lever-jerk release of pent-up fury. All bore witness. Retail investors wanted some. What about now? Does “horror” capture the welcome received by returners? What now? Are you just in? Thinking about leaving?

This week ripped a gap in most portfolios. We sunk 6.4%. We trimmed , and cut, prior to the crash. We’ve only bought since then. What’d we sell in the run-up? What’s worth buying now? Making faces at the market.

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Knowing What You Own Is Hard Enough. Snug Your Focus. 5 Market Topics You Can Skip, Responsibly. Mostly.

February 5, 2018. Snap on CNBC and listen. How much of this is necessary for you? Right. It may be interesting, but not close to the bone. hum.

Now look at the market itself. Nobody knows all that. That’s why people specialize. Now it’s your turn. Got all day? Not enough if you try to learn it all. You’ve got a system now. We’re Up-Grading our existing process by identifying dead weight. Find your facts in a focused way. Streamline your research by tuning out noise. Our 5 entire market components you can simply skip, responsibly. Mostly. When you know what you don’t need to know it gets quieter.

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Are You Rich? So Which Answer You Wanna The Quality Of Your Life Depends On Your Answer.

February 4, 2018. America loves and hates rich and powerful. The last year proved that. Either way, what’s “Rich?” Islands are perfect symbols of “posh.” Private tropical islands with personal airports are emblems of Super Rich. And Fat Henry, Henry VIII, only had fruit in season. Land travel sucked. Forget dental–and he was English. Henry was rich and if you asked him he’d have told you he was sweet FA rich. But really, would you trade with him? O.K. Let’s float that first question again.

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Exactly How Vulnerable Are You? Broom And Lock Down, Before the Rain Booms.

JANUARY 30, 2018. Debit and ATM/bank cards are wired directly to your stack. Electronic pirates know that. That’s why they “War Drive.” Have one of these cards? Most people do. Remember TJX? War Driving. Debit cards?
Branded? Or lowly ATM/bank card? Which and where should you use of these? We’re telling you which and we’re telling you where–including the sole place we’re comfortable using one of these. Know which one? We have two even better ideas.

Equifax lost what they stole and it was yours. That data’s a time bomb, and it’s tied to your leg. Limit the potential damage. Which is easier, locking it down(20 minutes) or attempting to mop up when it blows? Besides, they’ve got it coming–or you do if you do nothing.

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