Google. Cash Swarm.

JULY 26, 2018. Smack talking about Google or Amazon is like dangling some stamped pot-medal chandelier in the ballroom of Wayne Manor. Nice. The Joker–oops, we mean Elizabeth Warren, seems to feel that the squeaky-clean European Commission is all good using Google like a cash machine. $2.7 billion last year and $5.01 billion this month. Very nice.
Perhaps the truly laudable senior senator from Massachusetts should focus on the CFPB, or EU Airbus subsidies.
Meanwhile, Batman–oops, Alphabet, soars to all-time highs off the glory of a monster $11.75 EPS score. The consensus estimate was $9.58.
What do you say when an $870b. company cranks out a retina-detaching 23% revenue growth rate, in constant currency terms, after turning 20? What do you say about Alphabet’s obscene cash mountain? Well, you say “Sorry for the smack–we love you.
Where’s the buy counter?”

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SJ Portfolio Performance. A Hoe-Down Of Galactic Goodness

JULY 23, 2018. Seems obvious now. All returns are, in the final analysis, relative. Benchmarks light the way for all. Are you beating them? We are, like a gong.
Relative performance is the measure of success. It’s in the numbers and we have ours. What has STOCKjAW returned year-to-date? And over 12 months? From now on the Sj Portfolio page includes total performance data for every position we own, and for us. Compare our results. Find our winners, all in one place on our streamlined Portfolio Slideshow. No hiding here.
Data for all.

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Big Banks. Testimony Of The Tape.

JULY 20, 2018. Who hasn’t curled a lip behind investors shimmering indifference to big banks?
Yet the carousel of table-leaning bank lovers chimes and rotates. “Well Ken, we really like the banks here.” Why? How many others have been confused by such bubbly fun? Mother of sweating–where’s the performance? Tech is what works–tech.
No real love exits for our big banks, going no where fast. We’ve seen the Youtube vid of shareholders falling instantly to sleep when suddenly exposed to a bank earnings report. On comes the comes the carousel of more money managers broadcasting more bank “attractiveness.”
STOCKjAW takes a look. What’s the bank performance truth, and benchmark reality? The benchmarks and the players all have scores, and the reality stands clear, right here. More pool-party bank summer fun.

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Trade? NATO? Change Without Disruption? Dream On.

JULY 13, 2018. Beyond politics and a polarized media, the facts defining trade and NATO stand clear, despite media spin. Both are negotiations, not some flossy brunch with the partners. It’s business, national business, and that means upset.
But not to worry. Our European allies dearly love us–like a Sugar Daddy. Besides, fussing is much easier, and cheaper, then reworking insular national budgets. How upset does your daughter get if the funds aren’t there?
World War II ended 73 years ago. The Soviet Union collapsed 27 years ago. Treaties are binding, all round. Abrogations matter. Yet, is the United States really obligated to continue subsidizing the security of nations unwilling to live up to their own treaty commitments? If they don’t care enough to pay, why should we?
In stark violation of WTO rules, and free trade, China subsidizes, dumps, cheats, hacks, and shields, on behalf of its’ industries. Japan’s done so forever. The WTO is AWOL. Successive U.S. presidents have sat on the issue like an egg, and hatched a fat zero. But no, don’t do anything different, like tariffs. More importantly, never be disruptive, or unpredictable. Somebody might get upset. Worse yet, things might actually improve.

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Cord-Cutter. Eclipse Of Power.

JULY 9, 2018. The savvy see the future is now. Streaming is the future and the present. That means lower cable prices to those who act.
Has SVOD clamped-off the power beam of cable? Subscribers have paid like robots ever since cable snapped on the obedience beam. That was forty years ago. But the battlefield looks very different now. Cable’s power crystal is cracking, more deeply by the day.
The calcified Overlords of Light are scrambling. Fewer seats will exist in the near future. They’re also feeling the price push-back, from below.
STOCKjAW digs deeper into this dynamic shift, with a doctor very accustomed to critical thinking. Negotiations on. Here’s how she dramatically transformed her entire experience on the far end of fading cable tyranny. Is she changing cable prices? Yes. She definitely transformed her’s, much lower, and then lower again. Is she happy? Absolutely. Here’s how.

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3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

JULY 2, 2018. Your mission is simple. Buy low and sell high. Sell? You actually want me to sell? Do you realize how hard I worked to create this cost basis?
Stock market fervor lives on the buy side. Some myth exists concerning the sell–like it’s just supposed to happen. And it will be right. Wrong.
Knowing sell disciline is one of the hardest skills of all. Who wants to sell at a loss? Who wants to sell their cherished horses? You do. Here are three examples time is proving right.

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A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

JUNE 27, 2018. Is the US equity markets snuggling-in for a prolonged trade ruccus? Stones of tough trade talk are tossed into the stock pond daily. Welcome to the new–never mind. No one really knows what’s next. It will no doubt come from above. Get a helment. Or better yet, adjust where you’re standing.
The impact area of this trade exchange includes many stocks, and Alibaba too. How can that be good? How can that even be O.K.?
Alibaba is the king hell juggernaut of the east. BABA proves that the runway for Amazon is much much, much, longer.
Nice. But BABA’s in the blast zone. Are you going to stay?

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