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Asset building isn’t the point of life for us.  Yet having some helps.  Building on what you already have is wise.  It’s your money, and your future.  Any authentic move is a win.  Assets increase options.  Growth in either is a win.  Now truly is our only time.  Why?  Read more.  Refine your perspective.  Redefine your investing.  Stick with StockJaw.








Actions equaling more then the sum of their days.  The Romans understood.



What we present is a labor of love and our best efforts.  Learning is a joy and a gift.  Investing in funds and stocks is an option and an opportunity.  Combining the two connects holistic thinking by multiples.  Money touches everything and everyone.  Follow it’s tracks and it leads everywhere.





 Investing in the stock market remains by far the best path to building assets.  Almost anyone can do it and win.  We’ve got the map.  No accident.  The accident is investing with a bad map, or off-the-rack retail advice.



Learning about stocks and companies within which we’re interested is preparation for investing with confidence.  Such learning expands our perspective; company, context, peers.  That’s a triple.  Those add up.  The market touches and is touched by nearly everything.

Speed-change is the new rule.  That cutting edge of change is ejecting obvious streams of  cash to those standing in the right places.  They ‘re called shareholders.  Become one.  We’ll help.

Whispering in Superwoman’s ear.

Elevate your view.  On-ramp right.




Money’s everywhere, and so are  our large companies.  What are they up to?  10% of investors know.  They are known as “the smart money.”




“Who’s ordering the bulldozer–I mean margin account?”



A funded brokerage account in the hands of the brand new is like a freshly delivered bulldozer under the control of the bored and pampered.  Just starting?  Stick that nut in a CD and look around a minute.  Your money will thank you later as it will remain yours.




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In our recent piece “Your Happy Space” we muse about that special place, your special place and finding it now.  We’re hearing from readers who are saying a rousing “Yes.  Good things do happen when you find your happy space.”

For us the first giant gift of our happy space is the luxury of liberty.  A deeply familiar or new to you space can release a freedom of thought so refreshing.  Indulge your thinking.  Free it wild like bubbles streaming to the surface.  This is foundational.  That’s why we will continue to write about it.  Short, sweet, and neat.  See you there, cheers…




Happy space.


The Market’s Like Sports, Only Bigger.

The salaries of sports figures loom large.  Most people will tell you sports are big money.    Fiscal year 2016 National Football League total estimated revenue, $7.1 billion.  Nike total  2016 reported revenue, $32.3 billion.  We thus face a final score of  32 to 7.  So that means Nike could spot Roger Goodell and the NFL two touches, and still win by 11.  In sports terminology that’s called a “serious beat down.”




“Hedge funds,” did you say?”

Hedge funds?  How does it work?  Hedge funds bag 20% of any and all gains off the top.  Standard is to saw another 2%, or 3%, for those smart party-bumpin’ favorites “account fees; maintenance, management, trading, yo.  Gotta have some of those.  Can I have a side of peas with mine?”

Taking charges straight-on is tough.  Or far simpler is to just begin thinking of  those general get-over charges as party favors–for being let in to the fund.  Snap.  You can change your mind right?  The fund gets those fees regardless.  Even if they ride your account down like some bull-rider on a bomb it’s all good because when the fund depreciates they don’t get paid.  Except there are those fees.

So who were they–in historical terms–those bag-ramming looters who ran amuck over the eastern Roman Empire?  Either way, anyone who offers the deal hedge funds do everyday would excel on any personality disorder assessment.  But then, who cares?  That’s how wealth moves, away from ignorance.


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   Stocks Are Stories.  If You Own Them, Know Them.

The unpredictability of any market is not the point.  The point is knowing what can be known, and acting accordingly, in as timely a manner as possible.  That includes cutting our losers free.

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