Inverted. Can United Health or Boeing Float Through This?

DECEMBER 7, 2018. The view is different upside-down. You’ll hear then say that about the “inverted yield curve” Is that real? What’s it do just before the end?
The dreaded curve yielded on Tuesday. But this one was the twos and fives. That’s kid stuff, but look what happened. Smart people say an inversion of twos and tens spells doom, the equity death dirge. We’re close, very close. We don’t know if anything lives through that. But aren’t inversions like volcanoes? They may huff but they don’t always go off.
Meanwhile, United Health and Boeing battle along with the rest. How are two towering leaders doing amid a very busy brutal mix? Do you trust them still? STOCKjAW takes an informative technical look. Continue reading Inverted. Can United Health or Boeing Float Through This?

3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

JULY 2, 2018. Your mission is simple. Buy low and sell high. Sell? You actually want me to sell? Do you realize how hard I worked to create this cost basis?
Stock market fervor lives on the buy side. Some myth exists concerning the sell–like it’s just supposed to happen. And it will be right. Wrong.
Knowing sell disciline is one of the hardest skills of all. Who wants to sell at a loss? Who wants to sell their cherished horses? You do. Here are three examples time is proving right. Continue reading 3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

Descending Boeing. Why?

JUNE 17, 2018. We should have trusted our instincts. Yet the line between obvious buys and mindless chasing can be faint. It’s Boeing for god’s sake. What could go wrong? Tariffs–yes. Let’s see–a steady industrial goes stratospheric–with dazzling charts to support it still. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Ah, stoic fundamentalists.
Despite its’ soaring technical strength, Boeing’s price action is wingtipped earthward. That’s when we chased. It’s a wingdip. Right–a dip, but no wing yet. Isn’t there an award for blind driving and other dumbass activities? But is it chasing?
Now STOCKjAW probes the quite pedestrian price action of a stock accustomed to more rarefied air. Up or down, are you firmly buckled-in, or ready to deplane? On board for our in-flight safety check. This could just help you survive. We’re hoping so. Continue reading Descending Boeing. Why?