3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

JULY 2, 2018. Your mission is simple. Buy low and sell high. Sell? You actually want me to sell? Do you realize how hard I worked to create this cost basis?
Stock market fervor lives on the buy side. Some myth exists concerning the sell–like it’s just supposed to happen. And it will be right. Wrong.
Knowing sell disciline is one of the hardest skills of all. Who wants to sell at a loss? Who wants to sell their cherished horses? You do. Here are three examples time is proving right. Continue reading 3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

JUNE 27, 2018. Is the US equity markets snuggling-in for a prolonged trade ruccus? Stones of tough trade talk are tossed into the stock pond daily. Welcome to the new–never mind. No one really knows what’s next. It will no doubt come from above. Get a helment. Or better yet, adjust where you’re standing.
The impact area of this trade exchange includes many stocks, and Alibaba too. How can that be good? How can that even be O.K.?
Alibaba is the king hell juggernaut of the east. BABA proves that the runway for Amazon is much much, much, longer.
Nice. But BABA’s in the blast zone. Are you going to stay? Continue reading A Time To Zag? BABA Bye-Bye?

Investor Stress Test. Having Fun Yet?

FEBRUARY 10, 2018. Remember the side-lined money that finally came creeping back late last year? Trial by fire, flame-thrower really. New money floated in swarms to market homes, following endless empty years in the wilderness. Our market promptly exploded. One lever-jerk release of pent-up fury. All bore witness. Retail investors wanted some. What about now? Does “horror” capture the welcome received by returners? What now? Are you just in? Thinking about leaving?

This week ripped a gap in most portfolios. We sunk 6.4%. We trimmed , and cut, prior to the crash. We’ve only bought since then. What’d we sell in the run-up? What’s worth buying now? Making faces at the market. Continue reading Investor Stress Test. Having Fun Yet?

Nobody Calls This. Nobody Knows.

February 6, 2018. 4:34 AM. On Monday U.S. markets featured fear, algorithm maddness, and the largest intraday drop in history. This after tens of billions of long-idle cash crashed back into the market over the past 7 weeks. Retail investors jumped back in with abandon, just in time to catch a drop they normally hand out market-sickness bags for–just like on airplanes. While clutching our sick-bag yesterday, we bought price-slashed T. A trailing P/E of 8, with a 5.4% dividend. Guess what? Bet that play works. And on deck today?

M o r e selling pressure.
Guess what hordes of those just-back-in investors will do today? We will not be among them. Nor should you. We’re not here to kill our bull. We’ve smelled metallic before. Continue reading Nobody Calls This. Nobody Knows.