Money E-Motion. It’s Your Money Monster Screaming.

JANUARY 31, 2019. Emotion surges in a tender kiss and a long ill spike.  Energy.  Never fade that.  This jet age is our collective way.  That’s floodlight energy flung into furious motion.  Some say airports are twice-baked hell.  We love them like life on a shot-clock with few timeouts.  Movement is energy and life.  Airports are pulsing hubs of pressing ferocity, with spikes pouring everywhere. Airports are transitions to the future.  The “hub and spoke” is a market place emblematic of our money lives, with us at the traffic axle.

Atlanta-Hartsfield is big and bristling.  Market players gate pile to be sucked canister vacuum-style up the ramp and shot skyward.  That’s out the window. The wheel turns.  Your money wheel turns too, with you directing.  Where do you send your energy?  Money’s simply energy stored.  What do you have to show for yesterday’s traffic?  Every dollar is an individual you only own once.  We have dollars older than Starbucks.  Their energy is still working for us–around the clock.  Money E-Motion. Continue reading Money E-Motion. It’s Your Money Monster Screaming.