The Better Than Bond. Payment In Dollars Not Pennies.

JANUARY 21, 2019. Night-dreaming your way through fixed-income brings results similar to automobile crumple zones. Yet mashed returns are common to market tourism particularly for bond fund buyers. Even Batman can’t make bond funds fly. So why try? Alternatives exist.
Popular culture historians will tell you that bond funds were birthed ugly deep below Gotham City. Who knew? Commissioner Gordon flatly refuses to hold bonds–in any form. When we cornered him one night at a Wayne Manor blast he claimed disgustedly to have actually “seen how they were made.” Well, maybe.
Either way, bond funds are in reality stock market vehicles riding on a comfy cushion of fees, and semi-mysterious low-paying paper promises. “Complexity” you say? Well–yes. Complexity leads to confusion and confusion often results in wreckage, except for the Fund Family. They live right next door to Bruce’s place.
Fund business was the foul reality that sent us out, along with the postal service, into the gloom of the Gotham night in search of an alternative. STOCKJAW shows you the goods–bond and bond fund alternatives. All pay more–much more. And with equal safety. See what we uncovered.

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Starwood Trust. 9% Harbor or Comedic Goof?

DECEMBER 20, 2018. Gravity isn’t consistent–ask Albert. When the suck’s on, the market warps–like now. Who can escape market gravity? Amazon? No. Mr. Softie? No. Real estate trusts–Starwood Property Trust?
When growth dies dividends fly. How about 8.94%? Fries with that?
Powell’s back to his earlier antics, reading the economy from space. Life is very different on the ground. Jerome hiked yesterday and has two more in his big black Christmas bag.
The clatter you hear from above isn’t Santa. It’s your new fed head bringing coal. Is there a safe harbor anywhere, one with an outrageous dividend just for you? STOCKjAW unwraps Starwood Property Trust. Tis the season to be skeptical. But then, you may just wish for some. And then there’s CEO Berry Sternlicht. That’s passion, all caps.
(Cover photo:) Miami. Last year Starwood Property Trust entered the residential real estate market. The move comprises only a 2% slice of the company’s current loan book. That investment currently holds 15,000 low-income housing units in Florida.

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