Big Banks. Testimony Of The Tape.

JULY 20, 2018. Who hasn’t curled a smirking lip behind investor’s chilling indifference to the big banks? Boring.
Yet the money managers can’t stop the recommendations.
They’re a carousel of table-leaning bank pluggers. “Well Ken, we really like the banks here.” Why for god’s sake? How many others have been confused by that bubbly love? Mother of sweating–where’s the share price performance? Why do they have single-digit P/Es? Tech is what works. Repeat that–tech.
No real love exits for our big banks, going no where fast. We’ve seen the Youtube vid of shareholders falling instantly to sleep when suddenly exposed to a bank earnings report. On comes the carousel of more money managers broadcasting more bank “attractiveness.”
STOCKjAW takes a look. What’s the bank performance truth, and benchmark reality? The benchmarks and the players all have scores, and the reality stands clear, right here. More pool-party bank summer fun.

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