Options? Beer And A Blindfold With That Traffic? Bone Up Before Crush Hour.

MAY 11, 2018. Investing is a crazy chair parked in traffic. Traffic’s heavy all round; rates, inflation, sullen shareholders, inscrutable Chinese trade dancing. Nuts. Risk is bouncing about like a mad football. Chasing gains or reducing risk, investors encounter options, like Bomb pops from a truck window. Some buy calls instead of stock. Some buy puts as downside “insurance.” Some sell calls for income.
The options guys are amazing. They make it look and sound like nickles make dollars daily. For five cents you’ll make $1sh. in two weeks, even if the stock vanishes from the index.
Options are complex creatures. Many moves exist and they call them “strategies.” “Collars,” “straddles,” “strangles,” “hedges.” Right. Some are structured in groups.
Here are the basic four “derivatives” we know as “options,” along with some rules. You decide. It’s your call.

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SJ Brain-Pill: Stock Replacement Strategy–HUN call options. AMZN Proves SJ Right.

B a c k on 7-11-17 StockJaw calls for an AMZN BUY below $950.00. Shortly after AMZN hit the 930s. AMZN’s now $1189.01. If you just hit our 950.00 price, you got a 25% gain.
Our call:

N o w StockJaw follows-up our unflodling industrial call. Huntsman International, chem. We bought call options, which expire on the 19th. We’fe almost done with our play. We’ve shown you every step. We’re now in the Golden Spot. Catch the dramatic end. See how We wrap it. You can do this.

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