Fugly Fun

NOVEMBER 23, 2018. No need exists to check the judges score cards. Facts often stand clear.
Facts are also fugly at least half of the time. Now is that time. The bull is dead, killed by mouth. Now we know, words do kill.
The fed is a proud club much like the ex-presidents, or NFL team owners. No? Take a quick listen to Stanley Fischer’s recent comments on fed independence.
Poking the fed with a verbal stick brings only backlash, much like attempting to bully the Chinese. Is Powell watching? Or will he prove his “independence” at investor’s expense? And Trump’s trade war? Correct or not the damage is piling up.
Cascading equity prices are how we live now. We witness support levels vanishing daily. Nightmare charts abound and we have the most frightening one right here for you.
Smart voices will tell you that what’s next remains a mystery. Is that new or different? It’s absolutely different from the past nine years. Big money has already repositioned, pushing old school defensive names beyond any viable entry point. Can you really afford to stay in this market? The view from STOCKJAW.

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