Equifax Man. Steal It. Sell It.

JANUARY 26, 2019. What’s not to love? Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all high-jacked your data, regularly flog it to whomever they please, refuse you a slice, make you beg or pay for access, and then in Equifax’s case lose it. Where does that leave you? STOCKJAW takes a look.
Identity thieves, drug cartels, and the mob all behave in the above manner. After creating the problem, the credit cartels now want to sell you the “solution.” Sound familiar? Speaking solely for ourselves, we want some pay-back. But how? Can we make them work for us? They deal in your sensitive data, but can’t promise to keep it safe, even from their own bungling. Perhaps they can provide some safety from other thieves. In varying ways they’ve provided a process. Here’s precisely how. Continue reading Equifax Man. Steal It. Sell It.

Broom And Lock Down, Before the Rain Booms.

JANUARY 30, 2018. Debit and ATM/bank cards are wired directly to your stack. Electronic pirates know that. That’s why they “War Drive.” Have one of these cards? Most people do. Remember TJX? War Driving. Debit cards?
Branded? Or lowly ATM/bank card? Which and where should you use of these? We’re telling you which and we’re telling you where–including the sole place we’re comfortable using one of these. Know which one? We have two even better ideas.

Equifax lost what they stole and it was yours. That data’s a time bomb, and it’s tied to your leg. Limit the potential damage. Which is easier, locking it down(20 minutes) or attempting to mop up when it blows? Besides, they’ve got it coming–or you do if you do nothing. Continue reading Broom And Lock Down, Before the Rain Booms.