High-Fives For The One Number That Creates Winners. How To Get It Right.

MARCH 8, 2018. Investing is a process. Are all steps of the process equal? What step may matter most in creating our winners? Think you can trust the numbers you see commonly displayed? You can’t. Five minutes and you can prove it to yourself.
We inhabit a world capable of returning solid rocket boosters back to Earth in pin-point landings, in unison. But we can’t guarantee accuracy in common financial data feeds. O.K. Adults in the room–mistakes are part of the game. Perfection is a myth and notions of perfection pernicious. You can’t take stock data at face value. Compare, and do the math. Know your #s, and know they’re right. Here’s perhaps the most important number in your kit. But you have to find it yourself, if you want a winner.

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