In the EYE of the Storm.

NOVEMBER 9, 2019. Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are all tropical storms. Mostly they differ only in hemispheric location. Does it matter what we call them? All create chaos and loss, with a halftime pause. This year’s hurricane season ends on Saturday, November 30th.
Wall Street and those who comment on said have no season. They create chaos and toss shit around all year long. We saw that this week. Xerox? You Fa King kidding? 92%YTD. Oops. The Real Real”s apparently not all real, and neither is most of the coffin nail-pounding hog shit spun by the street. Spin’s just business, like loose electricity, regardless of the precise nonsense it’s comprised of.
We do our own homework, like a mad typhoon. Why? It’s nobody’s money but ours, and trust is no substitute for knowing. Even really smart, savvy, and honest people disagree, and blunder sideways to the tune of billions. On Wall Street you often can’t even tell you’re in a blow, until you’re already spinning. Besides, you don’t really want to repeat goofy moves made by others while crouched in “The Eye of the Storm.”

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Fabulous Values. Glamorous Prizes. QuikClot Anyone?

NOVEMBER 27, 2018. How cheap is cheap, and how much might that cost you in the end? Buying cheap in a tumbling market may mean “bring QuikClot.” Cheap can be a funky dead money pit. Those are known as “value traps.” We have a prime example, maybe four.
Diversification ranks as the only free lunch and everything else costs. Prices vary but actual “value” varies more. Nature provides in the summer and takes away in the winter. Bulls provide while they run and value calls when they stumble, or are tripped.
Are low price-to-earnings multiples, or flouncy dividends, reasons to buy? STOCKjAw swivels a spotlight on value now.

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