GM. Anatomy of the Trade.

OCTOBER 2, 2020. Time is money and quick is better than slow and never is a one year certificate of deposit at the going rate of 0.15%, or lower.
Even stone can’t wait on that. Enjoy income? Fact. Even a fat 6% dividend isn’t a locked-in win when the underlying share price crumbles by 7%. Think AT&T. That’s more like cycling money around and that mandatory yet exasperating process takes years.
Meanwhile traders are winning, many times quickly, and by design. Why? This market is only busy shuffling sideways, or falling flat out of bed. Smart money uses both hands investing and trading.
Savvy money turns even more to trading when markets can’t consistently find up with either hand. Time is always busy and never waits or moves sideways. Think trading. Think GM. We are. The anatomy of the trade.

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GM Rising. A Fresh Future?

FEBRUARY 6, 2019. GM. Was it ever sexy? Maybe–but who was there to notice? GM’s phallic palace tower in downtown Detroit was sexy once so they say. Women now run that symbol of masculine dominance. Things change. GM itself perhaps? Tesla’s sexy right–it’s electric for God’s sake. Elon Musk wasn’t even born yet when General Motors was great and firing on all cylinders. But wait.
In fact old dogs do learn new tricks, and design new trucks. That’s good, but not electric. Yet, in a truck and crossover world GM isn’t an old dog. Nor is CEO Mary Barra.
Trucks are not tricks and neither are corporate turnarounds. Like we said, things do change, under great leadership. Think Belichick. And GM’s CEO and CFO look like the dynamic duo of change. Does a 20% share price move count? That was 20% in one month. Is that also dynamic?

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Fabulous Values. Glamorous Prizes. QuikClot Anyone?

NOVEMBER 27, 2018. How cheap is cheap, and how much might that cost you in the end? Buying cheap in a tumbling market may mean “bring QuikClot.” Cheap can be a funky dead money pit. Those are known as “value traps.” We have a prime example, maybe four.
Diversification ranks as the only free lunch and everything else costs. Prices vary but actual “value” varies more. Nature provides in the summer and takes away in the winter. Bulls provide while they run and value calls when they stumble, or are tripped.
Are low price-to-earnings multiples, or flouncy dividends, reasons to buy? STOCKjAw swivels a spotlight on value now.

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