No Speed Limit To Silly. Chopsticks Please.

JANUARY 8, 2019. Wanna go for a joy ride? Snap on CNBC. A lot of fast air exists there. Some say Becky Quick can get Warren Buffet to talk truth. Becky is a stone professional fully capable of getting most any man to say nearly anything. On the other hand Joe Kernen just says, anything.
But really, the parade of financial advisors tromping through are the unreal deal. CNBC’S Chief Market analyst Bob Pisani is terrific. The man adroitly sums up market action in mere moments. Some say Americans are both lazy and violent–thus the drive-by. And that troop of “guests?” Is that some sort of lazy drive-by “advising?”
Kernen’s ceaseless shuck-and-jive in the morning gives way every afternoon to those investing advisor cartoons. Even when water-boarded they spit forth the same spam. What’da ya expect for free?
Bring chopsticks if you intend to consume.

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Eclipse of the JPMorgansons? Paypal’s Digital Wave.

AUGUST 15, 2018. No one hides. Don’t turn your back. P2P is only the edge. That glistening cutter-fin circling the water is mobile. You got a phone? You run a POS? Every “point-of-sale” is fresh game. Ask Paypal. Or just listen right inside management’s Q2 huddle. Dazzling, and yet ringing in our ears.
Making sense of where to invest in the financials is easy. It’s a three-way. Goldman, JPM and the old guard, the cards, or fintech. The financials’ future is written on the wall. So are the numbers, and charts. We lined it up. You decide.

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Big Banks. Testimony Of The Tape.

JULY 20, 2018. Who hasn’t curled a smirking lip behind investor’s chilling indifference to the big banks? Boring.
Yet the money managers can’t stop the recommendations.
They’re a carousel of table-leaning bank pluggers. “Well Ken, we really like the banks here.” Why for god’s sake? How many others have been confused by that bubbly love? Mother of sweating–where’s the share price performance? Why do they have single-digit P/Es? Tech is what works. Repeat that–tech.
No real love exits for our big banks, going no where fast. We’ve seen the Youtube vid of shareholders falling instantly to sleep when suddenly exposed to a bank earnings report. On comes the carousel of more money managers broadcasting more bank “attractiveness.”
STOCKjAW takes a look. What’s the bank performance truth, and benchmark reality? The benchmarks and the players all have scores, and the reality stands clear, right here. More pool-party bank summer fun.

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The McMutual Fund. Fries And A Funky 5.75% McLoad.

NOVEMBER 25, 2017. When homo sapiens achieved an upright stance and looked about they spotted the new sparkling mutual fund. Fabulous. One-stop-shopping had come to the investing realm.
Crowds huddled-in on the magical Magellan Fund, run by Peter Lynch. Millions enjoyed, well millions Mcdonald’s style. Suddenly diversification came in a single bag, along with superior performance.
Scads of flimsy funds sprouted. But soon fees also came in bags, along with savage under-performance. Any former glory vanished, leaving the space a cracked weed-riddled parking lot.
Investors play to be paid. They soon enough realized that they weren’t being paid. Now here’s the rest of that story.

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