GrowGeneration. Blasted, For No Good Reason?

AUGUST 17, 2021. Sales are the front door while earnings the back. Everyone knows that, and all aim to expand each. Only the few do. GrowGeneration did that Q2, and unlike ever before. Q2 revenue up 190%. Huh? Adjusted EBITDA up 229% Gun slingers.
“Anything else” you ask? How ’bout same-store sales up 60%? Right.
Any company would pray to dark powers for a taste of such success. What’d GRWG actually get for achieving all that? County jail and a flaming bag of cat scat. We’ll show you that.
This Denver-based retailer of end-to–end specialty hydro/organic gardening gear has been derisively called a “roll-up,” yet it just keeps rolling, and never more than now. So we’re askin’ was “GrowGeneration. Blasted, For No Good Reason?”

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