3 SELLS Now. Dump Downers Before They Devour You.

JULY 2, 2018. Your mission is simple. Buy low and sell high. Sell? You actually want me to sell? Do you realize how hard I worked to create this cost basis?
Stock market fervor lives on the buy side. Some myth exists concerning the sell–like it’s just supposed to happen. And it will be right. Wrong.
Knowing sell disciline is one of the hardest skills of all. Who wants to sell at a loss? Who wants to sell their cherished horses? You do. Here are three examples time is proving right.

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Glide Path. Lockheed Martin Flying Low. Time To Go?

JUNE 12, 2018. The defense contractors have enjoyed a very nice run. The past 13 months have been glorious. We’re not including the market-wide plunge on February 19th. But there it is and it carried LMT down like a SAM. “But Lockheed is a pure play on defense, a quality company, with tons of cash and a bullet-proof balance sheet, and a nice dividend.” For many jobs LMT is the only choice.
Yet great companies in terrific fundamental shape, can sport completely broken charts. That’s Lockheed now. Exactly how expensive, or cheap, is Lockheed? Is it more expensive than Northrop, or Raytheon? Who’s growing earnings the fastest? Is it time to go? STOCKjAW ran the numbers ourselves. Find the facts here. Now our two-fisted take on pure defense–both fundamental and technical. You decide. We did, and we may be wrong.

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Death Cross. Lockheed Martin.

APRIL 2, 2018. Full-blown mysteries routinely linger inches away, just a breath away. The strange exists just on the opposite side of any wall. No? Ever found out that your upstairs neighbor’s condo is filled with pizza boxes? Did you understand? Right.
That’s a mystery. Ever seen an ice shove eat a house like army ants? That looks a whole lot like this–a thundering bull market tsunamied by trade war fears, Tweets, and a squalling newborn Cold War.
But Lockheed’s here, as they were then. Think Skunk Works. In 1954 Lockheed learned of a new USAF aircraft design contest. Reconnissance requires flying high, beyond the reach of Soviet AK-17s and radar. Without a whisper, Lockheed simply offered a new unsolicited design. That design won, and that aircraft flew higher then anything on Earth.

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