Informed Independent People Are Nobody’s Fool. Join Us. That’s Why We’re Here. They Warned Us Not To Tell.

MAY 14, 2018. Investing is hared work not magic. Unfortunately, the ranks of professional managed money are riddled with nonsense and fees paid for said. Great financial professionals exist. Yet, most are locked into a conflict of interest.
If money “doesn’t really matter,” why does everyone want yours? Trust is not a substitute for knowledge. Besides, if you have to actually pay someone to help you, how much is their assistance truly worth? And in the end, when they’re wrong, who pays? Right. Pay up front and again on the backside.
When things go right or wrong for your money, it’s on you. It’s your money, and your choice, if you allowed someone else to do your driving. That’s why we’re here. The bottom line is, again, it’s your money, and ours. That’s why we run it ourselves. You can too. We’re sharing our every step with you, as we go. Together we can do this. That’s a fact. Join Us.

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