Greedy Creep. Truth.

JANUARY 28, 2019. Money is a means to an end, not a measure of personal success or value. When others measure by net worth or car driven, they’re on their own bent meaningless ride. Neither was money ever “the root of all evil.” Money is a tool just like electricity. It’s a tool that exists within a cultural context of confusion.
Like electricity, proper respect is required if you hope to benefit. Time matters and doing nothing abut your money will leave you and those you love in serious trouble.
Money is precisely about being able to take care of those you love. That’s love in action. Is there anything more important?

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Creation Of A Money Monster. Oops. Someone’s Thinking.

JANUARY 23, 2018. The American court of opinion is still out. Are people who seek to create a bit more for themselves and their families greedy monsters? Does calculating make you “calculated?” We don’t claim to understand the greasy paper bag of American Money Confusion. But we do know that not eating all your seeds got us here. Continue reading Creation Of A Money Monster. Oops. Someone’s Thinking.