Brain Pill. Two Minutes. MSFT v. GOOG.

MARCH 28, 2020. Spring is sneaking in as our attention is splintered.
We’re petting the cat and peeling thunder and pouring rain won’t stop that.. We’re now under the gun and if that hasn’t rocked your socks then you’re ready for that chaise lounge helium trip up to the stratosphere. Remember that guy in California and his helium balloon lawn chair? He got a call from the FAA. What’s next when both the light and the air grow thin?
Light and air in market terms mean the essentials and the giants: phone, power, and those near a trillion. The smart and savvy warned us earlier that tech would be autopsied in all this.  It was. Yet, the Stay-at-Home ecosystem means more of the bigs–more band width, for more remote working, more gaming, streaming, online shopping. Hum, who does all that?
China brewed this virus and it’s now demonstrating this expanding tech truth pushing up behind.  We need more not only from VZ, T, and UPS, but also from GOOG, AMZN, and MSFT. That leads us right back to thinking big. When the economic storm boils you wanna bunk with the bigs. That’s why we’re having a “Brain Pill. Two Minutes. MSFT v. GOOG.”  
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Holiday Moments With Mr. Softie

DECEMBER 16, 2018. looking for resilience in a turbulent market? Know this. Even the nearest and dearest are slugging it out with the down-suck.
As anti-trust talk swirls, not everyone is equally vulnerable. Remember Microsoft vs. the United States? Back in the ’80’s the feds turned the big guns on Mr. Softie. Facing an onslaught powered by bottomless federal cash, Mr. Softie smirked and swung up a middle finger. Is MSFT doing the same to the downturn? Cage matchs: AMZN vs. MSFT, MSFT vs. itself, and both vs. the market. Want some? Many do. Sj takes a look. Continue reading Holiday Moments With Mr. Softie