Valuation Fun With Peg And P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”

NOVEMBER 25, 2018. Go ahead. Jerk the O-ring on any Chatty money manager. What comes out? “Valuation.” That’s right. What’s it worth now, after the splintering market-wide mud slide.
Obsessions come in every form and some are healthy. We have two, or actually one, with two TRUE faces.
Maybe, possibly, this bull’s not dead. But it’s no longer moving. Wave goodbye.
Those glorious bag-ramming gains of a happy mile-wide market have popped. Think soap bubble. Gains will not tumble forth in twin-fisted flurries. Late has darkened to later. Gains will hide hard, in crumbs and invisible to many. Why?
Nine-year-old bulls do not rage. They amble.
What investors face now is a pure “technical” market. Translation? Only the few will prosper–both companies and investors. But how? Discipline and precision. Wanna win?
Don’t move without knowing. Wanna prosper?
Precisely pin the true current value of your equity candidates, and never over-pay. STOCKjAW shows the way. Continue reading Valuation Fun With Peg And P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”

MONEY CHOPS. Fun with Peg and P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”

JUNE 5, 2018. Rarely are we given such easy and powerful help. Yet there they are, the sisters of crap cutting–the Price-to-earnings multiple and the Price-to-earnings growth ratio. It’s a two-fer of the highest investing order. Too basic for you? Fact. Every team in the NFL employs QB coaches. Guess what they try to perfect? Right. Fundamentals. Even top-flight pros require regular help. The unteachable do not remain in the league very long. Continue reading MONEY CHOPS. Fun with Peg and P/E. “Who’s P/E Again?”