$1+$1=$2 Add 40%–We Insist. Got a Mortgage? Roll In Some Heavy Punch.

APRIL 29, 2018. Admit it. You’re emotional. We are too. Being emotional While messing with money. Hum.
Now the markets are acting twitchy. The President has a hard-on for Amazon.
TWTR’s dropping while FB is about to blast higher–fact. Investors live like heat-stressed metro riders jammed into a hopeless madhouse at 100 summer degrees. Hum.
We all need a win–right now. We need something to point to, proving exactly why we work so hard. A quick clear sweet win is mandatory to keep spirits up in challenging times. Momentum matters. Help is at hand.
STOCKjAW’s delivering the Mo in these near shambolic times. Win now, when 1+1=2.8 for you. It’s value vs. cost. Value wins, when you know where to find it.

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