In Is Good. Out Is Good. Too Much Leads To Blindness.

DECEMBER 3, 2018. Powell’s an artist, a fore-runner. Rookie fed chairs aren’t supposed to electrify. Yet Jerome’s a Star now and rates will rotate around him like a constellation of glistening divinity. Who knew? Are we really “not far” from O.K.? Whatever.
Good news. If you’re in or if you’re thin, we’ve got reasons for you to congratulate yourself.
Like a famous German doctor, Powell administered some essential life juice. The moribund equity market sat bolt upright and roared.
But what about you? Wednesday’s rally brought all sectors to life, investors invested party-hat style, and growth looked good. Nice. Again, whatever.
Are you long-term? Did you hit the exit in October? Should you love your way back in now?
Dead cat bounces and relief rallies don’t spell “BUY” to us. We want more before we show our money. Yet, Verizon went on sale yesterday.

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