SHAME-FACED. A Quick And Fugly Exit? How About A Court Order With That?

MARCH 23, 2018. How long will it be before Facebook is finger-printed? “Relax your hands. Remove the hoodie string and empty your pockets. Hold the number under your chin and wait for Snap–I mean the snap.”
Everyone knew this day would come; Facebook all grown up, driving, dating, leaking, stone-wallling, and rubber-necking senators busy talking to CNN. The senator from Minnesota is talking, talking sub-committee hearings, and ungodly privacy sins.
Wolf’s lashing questions back out like pulsar X-Rays. FB accounts have been deactivated. Will you stay on?
Investors are being forced to choose. In or out? What are you going to do? We’ve got options, for you, either way. We’ll also tell Ya what we’re doing.

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