The Damned And The Indicative

APRIL 18, 2018. Investing tools themselves do not determine share direction. Before the chorus of “duhs” consider that reality. Twitter as a stock remains today in technical trouble. Technicians called a “double top,” that classic of classics bearish sign, and any glance at the chart reveals a MACD heading down the basement stairs.
Yet TWTR’s fundamentals are both strong and strengthening. Therein lies the analytical rub. Two schools of conflicting indicators and one stock. As Facebook rotates in a sweat on the public spit, SNAP struggles to flog its’ widely hated redesign.
Meanwhile, investors straddle some misty middle ground clutching a bag of savagely mixed messages.
Can a baby bird be trusted for another ride higher?
Welcome to the Valley of Social Funked. Here TWTR direction signs point in both directions.

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