Extended Hours. The Market is Your Oyster.

MAY 14, 2019. The surface is, well, just the beginning. Much of the story lies below and beyond. Why? Trading never sleeps. Life’s for living and the market’s for winning. Yesterday’s trade war turbulence made that both more difficult, and easier.  The value of existing positions was dragged down, while better prices were created.  We intend to buy more of what we already own, thus reducing our cost basis.  But not yet.
The volatility picture has two additional pieces.  The regular trading session is the sun-bubbly party. Extended hours is the exclusive memory-making after party. Many will tell you to remain top-side, in bounds. Most do, rightly so. Every explorer is warned. Only the few move past those entreaties. They’re the ones with tales to tell.
The pre-market and after hours sessions are known as “The Wild West.” True. Barrel-head bargains are cut in mere minutes while butt-fugly knives routinely fall from a darkened sky.
Collectively these flickering hours are called “extended,” and oodles of the good stuff resides there. We go often now, and so might you. We have two tales, in HD detail–and close up gruesome. Yet we go, to get that good stuff. Plan and know, before you go. Otherwise, you’re just working for the man. Continue reading Extended Hours. The Market is Your Oyster.

Summer Blockbusters. The Very Best, In Bright Light.

JUNE 25, 2018. Myths die hard, or never. Here’s one.
The real winners are a secret, waiting for you to discover them. Not really. So why beat the weeds for that rare gem?
Secret stocks are the ones Wall Street never talks about. Guess what? If Wall Street doesn’t talk about them, they’re likely not worth your time. Again, why?
No doubt the equity investing world harbors stocks that are doing well, in near perfect darkness. Yet simple reasons exist for not beating the ditches to find such unusual names. How about your time? Instead of sifting the obscure for a great hope, simply follow the spotlight. The light is where things grow. Summer blockbusters you can grow with. Continue reading Summer Blockbusters. The Very Best, In Bright Light.

Buy The Banks? How About A Grower? PYPL’s TEC-Ray Analysis.

JUNE 22, 2018. Trade war volatility will wave on. That means today, probably. But then, who knows? Waves bring sales and we’ve snagged three new positions during this disruption. What works, we’ll keep. Here’s one. Paypal.
Daily we see the financial shills recommending big banks. Right. Look at the new financials. Paypal’s not a baby, but an established player. They’re a payment processor at a technical turning point. Continue reading Buy The Banks? How About A Grower? PYPL’s TEC-Ray Analysis.

– 287 South Dow. Sidewalk Sale Or Trade War Bomb?

JUNE 20, 2018. The stress filled the air and airwaves on Tuesday. Our major indexes all headed straight toward the floor from the open. Of course–trade fear. Market darlings were beaten mercilessly–like Boeing. We left on Monday at $353. We think BA’s headed further down and we have the chart to demonstrate.
But yesterday brought almost everything down, except Amazon. AMZN went up right in the downturn’s face. It will again. Did you find any gems in the wreckage? We did. And here they are. Continue reading – 287 South Dow. Sidewalk Sale Or Trade War Bomb?