Informed Independent People Are Nobody’s Fool. Join Us. That’s Why We’re Here. They Warned Us Not To Tell.

MAY 14, 2018. Investing is hared work not magic. Unfortunately, the ranks of professional managed money are riddled with nonsense and fees paid for said. Great financial professionals exist. Yet, most are locked into a conflict of interest.
If money “doesn’t really matter,” why does everyone want yours? Trust is not a substitute for knowledge. Besides, if you have to actually pay someone to help you, how much is their assistance truly worth? And in the end, when they’re wrong, who pays? Right. Pay up front and again on the backside.
When things go right or wrong for your money, it’s on you. It’s your money, and your choice, if you allowed someone else to do your driving. That’s why we’re here. The bottom line is, again, it’s your money, and ours. That’s why we run it ourselves. You can too. We’re sharing our every step with you, as we go. Together we can do this. That’s a fact. Join Us.

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6-Tool Market Master Kit. Get it. Otherwise You’re Just Sitting In The Dark.

MAY 8, 2018. The drama of daily market action flickers like some bizarre art film. Tells spill out of the screen by the second. The crowd gasps. Have you ever wondered what other investors are keying on?
Precisely. Others know something we don’t. Not knowing is rarely good.
That’s why we wiped the slate clean and filled the marquee with fact. Here is your 6 Tool Market Master Kit. With these 6 keys, Market Matinee Triumph is yours. Never wonder again what you’re supposed to be seeing or looking for. Now you know. After that we can focus on why. When the house crackles with fire, and you’re parked in the living room, do you really give a shit why? Time for that when it stops raining fire.

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Big Tools. Big Power. Big Saves.

APRIL 17, 2018. The investor tool crib packs more stuff than the Navy Seal weapons shop. Times couldn’t be better–what? That’s right. Never before have everyday investors such as ourselves had immediate access to so much prime research and analysis.
Nonetheless, investors typically inhabit one of three worlds. The industrious efforts to understand equities often leaves many investors in a blind corner. No? Can you tell up from down? We thought we could as well.
Like TWTR here? Keep reading.
Jump in with us as STOCKjAW seizes the Portfolio Power Tool that will change your mind. It changed ours. It will change yours, and save your precious money. What do you have to lose?

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Knowing What You Own Is Hard Enough. Snug Your Focus. 5 Market Topics You Can Skip, Responsibly. Mostly.

February 5, 2018. Snap on CNBC and listen. How much of this is necessary for you? Right. It may be interesting, but not close to the bone. hum.

Now look at the market itself. Nobody knows all that. That’s why people specialize. Now it’s your turn. Got all day? Not enough if you try to learn it all. You’ve got a system now. We’re Up-Grading our existing process by identifying dead weight. Find your facts in a focused way. Streamline your research by tuning out noise. Our 5 entire market components you can simply skip, responsibly. Mostly. When you know what you don’t need to know it gets quieter.

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Up-Grade to High Quality Problems. They’re Much Better.

JANUARY 26, 2018. Things are only a “problem” when you have a solution. Well, perhaps. Yet, we do know that all problems are not created equal. Being stuck with an 80%(CAGR) return on investment is a high-quality problem. Arriving at your vacation destination without your luggage is definitely a standard quality problem. Choose to create higher quality problems. Some of that is indeed, up to you.

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