Fury and Fear. This Is Why We Get Paid. Hunt For Quality. Yes. It’s A Bet. It’s A Sale Too, To Those Who Stay. Minting Monsters.

FEBRUARY 9, 2018. 4:38AM. We’re in. That’s it. After the lights change is not the time to second guess your long-held beliefs. That applies to both drag racing and equity investing. Nitos nice. It’s also explosive–that’s exactly why they use it. Markets move, and that’s precisely why we invest. Movements of algo-driven rage are not however the sort of movement anyone wants.

Ever wonder why dragsters are so long? For those who haven’t, it’s to keep the front wheels on the track when the driver punches it. The front wheels of this market left the track on Friday. Regardless of the non-systemic reasons, think long-term bargains, and just maybe months from now you’ll be smiling big just like us.

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